Our Baby Boy at 18 Weeks

I'm still getting used to the idea of "our baby boy", "my son", "our little man". But I'm loving it! We love this little guy so much already. It's bringing back memories of Anna and of loving something so much before you've even met. He's already bringing us so much joy. Joy that has gotten us through a tough week. We've experienced a very high high in finding out the gender of our baby and a very low low in something that's happened in our community; I'll leave it at that for now. I may elaborate in a future post but until then here we are at 18 weeks:

How far along? 18 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of a sweet potato and HE (I can say "he"!!!) is yawning, hiccuping, swallowing, and sucking plus twisting, rolling, punching, and kicking too! Lots of action by this little guy! 
Total weight gain: I'm starting to hate this question. Really is it necessary that you know how much weight I've gained?? We'll see if this is on here next week! (I may just be a little bitter that I'm gaining weight a lot faster this time around--blaming it on the kid!)
Maternity clothes? most of the time I'm in gym shorts and t's or tanks. When I have to actually look nice it's in maternity clothes.
Sleep: pretty good. No nose bleeds this week and having to get up only once at night to pee, sometimes not at all! 
Best moment this week: finding out Travis has a little fishing buddy! 
Miss Anything? going up a flight of steps without losing my breath. God forbid I forget something downstairs when I just ran upstairs. It's the worst.
Movement: my favorite part about the evenings after I put Anna to bed is laying down and feeling a little jab or a kick. In fact I feel movement as I type this (it's not night time but I'm still loving it!)
Food cravings: the leftover cake and cupcakes sitting in my kitchen from the gender reveal party. They are calling my name every afternoon and night and I respond every time. 
Gender: B O Y ! 
Symptoms: bloating, loss of breath, just feeling big all the time
Belly Button in or out? I can't deny it anymore, it's out!
Happy or Moody most of the time: this week has been a tough one so let's just skip this. 
Looking forward to: the pool being open during the day instead of waiting until kids get out of school at 4. Who wants to wait until then to take a dip?! 


  1. Aw a fishing buddy! So excited for you!! We find out Monday!!!!

    1. Travis knows that Anna can be his fishing buddy too but I think he was really hoping for a boy this time around ;) So excited for you in finding out the gender of your little one! Can't wait to hear about it!! :)