Hey there! I'm Jess, wife to Travis, mama to Anna Jubilee, Theo Shepherd, and Owen Lazarus, and a lover of Jesus, residing with my little family in the Queen City. 

I started this blog back in 2011 to document our lives as missionaries with the Charlotte Eagles and Missionary Athletes International. It was first a place I turned to share our experiences living among refugees and immigrants from Nepal, Burma, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America in the inner city of Charlotte, and since becoming parents in 2012, it also became a place I turned to share our journey through three pregnancies and raising our Littles. 

In the past few years my writing has somewhat evolved. I've been doing less documenting and more writing that speaks from my heart. I used to write just for the blog. Nowadays I write for me, I write to savor the sweet moments in my life with the hope that I can hold onto those moments just a little while longer. And maybe I'll publish and maybe I won't. When I am compelled to publish it is because I feel the nudge that someone may be encouraged or inspired by my words and stories, whether it is through the funny things my kids are doing or through the lessons the Lord is teaching me. If I don't publish I'll tuck it away in my journal. I'm learning not everything needs to be shared. Some things are meant to be treasured up and pondered in my heart (Luke 2:19).  

As missionaries for the Charlotte Eagles we bring Christ's presence to the inner city and try to make his name known. We place young boys and girls on soccer teams while introducing them to Christ through relationships and discipleship. We live in the same neighborhood with these kids and their families. We've found living where we minister has fostered deeper relationships and lasting trust to be built. While it's a 24/7 job we couldn't imagine being anywhere else. God has greatly blessed us through our friends and we're constantly learning from these beautiful people around us. 

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