Our Baby Boy at 18 Weeks

I'm still getting used to the idea of "our baby boy", "my son", "our little man". But I'm loving it! We love this little guy so much already. It's bringing back memories of Anna and of loving something so much before you've even met. He's already bringing us so much joy. Joy that has gotten us through a tough week. We've experienced a very high high in finding out the gender of our baby and a very low low in something that's happened in our community; I'll leave it at that for now. I may elaborate in a future post but until then here we are at 18 weeks:

How far along? 18 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of a sweet potato and HE (I can say "he"!!!) is yawning, hiccuping, swallowing, and sucking plus twisting, rolling, punching, and kicking too! Lots of action by this little guy! 
Total weight gain: I'm starting to hate this question. Really is it necessary that you know how much weight I've gained?? We'll see if this is on here next week! (I may just be a little bitter that I'm gaining weight a lot faster this time around--blaming it on the kid!)
Maternity clothes? most of the time I'm in gym shorts and t's or tanks. When I have to actually look nice it's in maternity clothes.
Sleep: pretty good. No nose bleeds this week and having to get up only once at night to pee, sometimes not at all! 
Best moment this week: finding out Travis has a little fishing buddy! 
Miss Anything? going up a flight of steps without losing my breath. God forbid I forget something downstairs when I just ran upstairs. It's the worst.
Movement: my favorite part about the evenings after I put Anna to bed is laying down and feeling a little jab or a kick. In fact I feel movement as I type this (it's not night time but I'm still loving it!)
Food cravings: the leftover cake and cupcakes sitting in my kitchen from the gender reveal party. They are calling my name every afternoon and night and I respond every time. 
Gender: B O Y ! 
Symptoms: bloating, loss of breath, just feeling big all the time
Belly Button in or out? I can't deny it anymore, it's out!
Happy or Moody most of the time: this week has been a tough one so let's just skip this. 
Looking forward to: the pool being open during the day instead of waiting until kids get out of school at 4. Who wants to wait until then to take a dip?! 


Juice Drop #2 is a...

B O Y !

I am still in a bit of shock. But over the moon excited to meet our little man! I was mistaken yet again. With Anna I could've sworn I was going to see blue cutting into our reveal cake and this time I was envisioning pink but, boy, was I wrong! >> See what I did there? ;) And guess what guys?! No tears of sadness--only tears of joy! I really was just so happy. We now will have one of each and we couldn't feel more blessed. 

Our gender reveal party was amazing. We had our close friends and family surrounding us in celebration (so thankful my dad, brother, and sister were able to be here and my mom and other sister skyped in!), the weather was perfect, our new secret park was all ours (just recently found this park and we're always the only people there. Saturday was no exception!), and the cake/cupcakes were gorgeous, and most importantly, delicious! 

I went with a peach, mint, and gold color scheme. Peach for girl, mint for boy. I thought it was a perfect color combo for this spring party. Travis' cousin Angel made our cake and cupcakes again. She is just amazing. She always does a beautiful job and her cakes always taste so yummy. I don't know if this time can be outdone. Just look at that masterpiece!

Since not everybody knew everyone we thought it'd be a good idea to use name tags. The name tags were also a way for our guests to vote for Juice Drop's gender.

Team Boy (who inevitably knew the outcome!)

Team Girl (looking rather sparse and in the end lost the vote)

We enjoyed a great meal grilled up by my awesome dad and sides were brought along by guests. And then finally after we were stuffed it was time to cut into that cake and see if it was a baby boy or girl growing inside of me! 

Here we go!!!

The moment I saw blue!

You can tell Travis is yelling out "BOY!"

Pure Joy!

I love how Anna has no idea what is going on the entire time. She has no idea Mommy's having a baby, no idea she's going to be a big sister, no idea she's getting a baby brother. She does kiss my belly though and that makes me think maybe, just maybe, she's has a hint of what's to come. 

Not quite sure how ready I am to have a boy but I'll tell you what I haven't been able to stop watching our ultrasound dvd and 22 weeks just seems way too long of a wait before we can meet our sweet little guy!  


Anna and Juice Drop's Updates

Today's post includes both of my children...did I really just say "children"??? It's still so unreal to me that Anna's not the only one anymore. I'm 4 days past when I should've taken a weekly update picture and posted it and since today Anna turns 20 months old I figured I'd make a post about both. 

Anna Jubilee - 20 months old

Yep, she ate the entire cob
Weight and height: 24 lbs and 31 in (this is just an estimate based on her 18 month check up) 
Favorite Book: "What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way", a book about manners which is something we're currently working on and "Little Owl Lost", she'll actually repeat the words 
Favorite Toy: Her baby dolls. She's figured out a way to take one of the dolls clothes off and wants the doll to always be naked. Not sure what to think about this. 
Personality: independent, strong willed, FEARLESS, joyful, reserved until you get to know her--nothing like her parents ;)
Favorite Animal: dogs but to her every dog is a puppy
Loves: anything to do with water (and when I say fearless I mean it--she jumped into the pool several weeks ago while I turned my back for a second--isn't that how it always goes?)
Mommy's Favorite Words: water "wa-wa", thanks "danks", please "peeze", milk "dat" (not sure where she came up with that but it's too cute), for any insect "bee", stop "dop", owl "owlie", let's go "deet doe"

And Our Little Juice Drop

How far along? 17 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of an onion and is growing some meat on those bones. Grow, baby, grow!
Total weight gain: ehh who knows anymore? I'll find out tomorrow.  
Maternity clothes? most days I'm in gym shorts and tank tops but when I actually make an appearance in public it's usually in maternity clothes
Sleep: just fine. Seriously I think this pregnancy has been easier on my sleep than with Anna. I'm not having to get up and pee 5 times at night and I'm still able to sleep on my stomach most of the time.
Miss Anything? nothing I haven't already mentioned
Movement: Yes!! And Travis got to feel a little kick too!!! It was so great :) 
Food cravings: what don't I crave?
Gender: We find out Saturday!!! Stay tuned for the big reveal :)
Symptoms: same old, same old...bloody noses, heartburn, shortness of breath, bloating 
Belly Button in or out? in between
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!
Looking forward to: our ultrasound tomorrow, our big reveal on Saturday, and my family coming down to celebrate with us! 

I'm a little nervous about my reaction when we finally cut into that cake on Saturday since I cried in my dream a few weeks ago when it was a boy! Deep down I know all I want is a healthy baby but apparently my sub conscience might be saying otherwise. Send joyful vibes our way so the only tears shed are happy ones no matter the outcome! 


The Most Beautiful Game

If you would've asked me in high school what I thought the worst sport was I would've said SOCCER. How in the world could somebody like such a dumb sport? All you do is run around and kick a ball. Lame.

Until I met Travis, well more like several years after I met Travis. After being surrounded by soccer and living and breathing soccer for the past 3 years my perspective has totally changed. I love soccer. I love everything about it. I love the skill that is involved. I love how you only need a ball and a few cones--sometimes not even a ball; a taped up t-shirt will do. I love how it brings all nationalities together despite the language barrier. And yes, even now I love the running.

This past Sunday Travis, his interns Luke and Logan, and his partner Paul had the opportunity to host a soccer match between their U15 and U18 boys' teams and adult leaders in our community as a fundraiser for the Urban Eagles. The leaders team included local church leaders, teachers, coaches, Urban Eagles volunteers, and a police officer. It was such a neat way to bring the community together, enjoying one another's company, and playing the Great Game. The final score was 2-1 with the boys winning over the adults! Everyone did an awesome job and thankfully there were no injuries--when you get older that's the first thing you worry about. It was amazing to see the participation in the leaders of our community. They were such good sports and played their hearts out. What I loved most was seeing all the nationalities and all ages coming together, to play, to watch, to just enjoy an evening together.

Pre-game prayer
Coach Logan opening the evening and introducing the teams. The U15 and U18 Urban Eagles boys are behind him.
And the leaders of our community, including Laura, one of my volunteers and only woman out there playing. She did awesome!!!
Way to go Laura!!!
Just a few of our wonderful fans. Look at those boys, totally engaged in what's going on out on the field!
At the beginning of the second half "Chavez", "Loganski", and "Lukano" (not pictured) made their appearance. 
It didn't take long for "Chavez" to receive a yellow card ;)
I think I've mentioned before that Travis will wear his mullet any opportunity he can. This was one of those opportunities he didn't want to miss out on. Seen here with "Lukano" and "Loganski".
Never a dull moment with these guys. 

I love this community so much. I'm blessed by these kids every day and knowing we have adults who love and care for these kids too just brings me so much joy. Soccer is just the tool but the community that has formed because of the Great Game is what keeps us together. 


My third post about Mother's Day and Juice Drop's Update

My second mother's day was absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better, more relaxed day and I think the best part was the very end when Travis exclaimed, "that was one of the hardest days of my life." Uh uh, welcome to my life, buddy. Now you won't question what I do all day and scoff when all I want to do is fall into bed as soon as I lay Anna down. It really was a wonderful day though. It was full of me doing a lot of nothing and receiving a lot of love and affection (and great food--that's always a must). The day was completed with a special Mother's Day journal written in by Travis and colored in by Anna and will continue to be throughout the years. It's my all time favorite gift because it's the gift that keeps on giving. Ever year I'll be able to look back and see what my man and children have written or drawn for me and every year there will be a brand new entry with thoughts and pictures of love that only a mother would cherish. It's crazy to think next year I'll be enjoying my third mother's day with two little ones. It's still so hard to believe but it is getting more real considering I've finally felt little pitter patters against my belly! I almost forgot what that felt like but as soon as it happened on Friday night there was no doubt in my mind it was our little Juice Drop in there letting me know he/she is real. I didn't even mind that it was close to midnight and the flutters were keeping me awake. Best. Feeling. Ever.

How far along? 16 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of an avocado and can hear our voices. He/she will know Anna's voice very well by the end of all this! 
Total weight gain: I've been packing on those pounds. I'm chalking it up to my uterus expanding at an exponential rate and knowing exactly what it's doing since this isn't my first rodeo.  
Maternity clothes? some days
Sleep: just ok, but again it's because I can't breath. Allergies are the worst.
Best moment this week: How can I not say my mother's day??
Miss Anything? sushi. I saw some at the grocery store this week and couldn't help but salivate over them. First meal after this baby comes!
Movement: YES!!! 
Food cravings: anything and everything
Gender: our ultrasound is a week from today and we'll find out the 24th with our friends and family! ...had another dream Juice Drop is a boy! 
Symptoms: bloody noses, a few headaches, bloating, and heartburn. I feel like an old man. 
Belly Button in or out? in between
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!
Looking forward to: the pool at the YMCA opening! It's been so hot! What happened to spring?

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! Don't get too wet out there :)


I'm Turning Into My Mother: A Mother's Day Tribute

I told myself I wouldn't do it. Don't we all? And then it happens. One day you look in the mirror or you hear the all too familiar words flood out of your mouth...I've turned into my mother. I'm pretty sure it's inevitable. It's going to happen. Just because. Because she's ingrained in us. Because we are a part of her. Because we once were inside of her. Because she created us (with a little help from our fathers, but only about 5 seconds worth ;)). So how could it not happen?

But I'm starting to think it's not such a bad thing. My mom loved (and still does) with a love only a mother could give. I have the same love for Anna so it's only natural to act in some way like my mom. Also, my mom lives 8 hours away from me so when I'm reminded of her in the little things I do I smile. Though the distance is far she's still there, with me, in me.

I'm turning into my mother when:

1. I lick my finger than try to smudge off whatever is on Anna's face. Could be spaghetti. Could be dirt. Could be crusted boogers. (Yup, I said it. And if you're a mother too you should not be disgusted. You know you've done it too).

2. I try to give Anna "the look" after she's done something or is about to do something she knows she's not supposed to do. Still trying to perfect this. My mom's look is the best, even though she still tries to use it on my siblings and me and we just laugh at her.

3. We're driving and Anna starts to wine out of boredom I begin singing kiddie songs (wheels on the bus, old mcdonald had a farm, how much is that doggy in the window). This was my favorite time with my mom when I was about 3 years old. Every morning on our way to daycare we'd sing together. I'm hoping Anna has the same fond memories I did with my mom of these times.

4. I'm playing with or doing Anna's hair. And just like how I was when my mom played with my hair Anna always tries to get out of it. She turns to me and says "DOP!" ("stop!"). Since I have naturally curly hair after every bath my mom would run Paul Mitchell mousse through my hair. I can still smell the coconut scent. I hated every minute of having my hair brushed, combed, put up, played with but I really do miss those moments, and I think my mom does too because whenever we're together (which isn't often because of the distance) she still wants to play with my hair. And most times I let her.

5. I put Anna down for bed. I sing the same lullaby to Anna as my mom sang to me. It was a simple song but very special because I felt like it was mine and hers. She'd rub my back while singing it and whenever she thought I was asleep she'd stop until I "twitched" and she'd start back up again. Now it's mine and Anna's lullaby.

Of course there may be things I want to do differently than my mother did. We all have that. But I know for sure the reminders I listed above I'm proud to say I got from my Mama. She is a wonderful women, full of love, full of compassion, full of laughter and the ability to make us all laugh.

Mom, I love you. Happy YOU Day!


Taking Stock

Making : a gift for my Mama for Mother's Day (I can't spoil the surprise or else I'd share)
Cooking : crockpot chicken tacos and crockpot chicken bbq sandwiches. I heart my crockpot
Drinking : chocolate milk, it hits the spot every time
Reading: not a thing
Wanting: to eat all.the.time.
Looking: closely at mothers with two children
Playing: in the sand/dirt/mulch/water with my little one while she enjoys exploring outdoors
Wasting: time during naps because I can and don't feel like doing anything else
Sewing: not yet but soon will be sewing 8 bridesmaids clutches. Watch out Etsy, I may have something going on here.
Wishing: to be closer to extended family
Enjoying: the warmth of the sun after a long winter
Waiting: anxiously to find out the gender of this babe
Liking: quiet mornings spent on our newly decorated porch 
Wondering: how we'll possibly survive having a 2 year old and newborn in less than 6 months
Loving: all of Anna's many laughs
Hoping: our two week vacation in July really comes to fruition

Marvelling: at Anna's beauty
Needing: the pollen to cool it. Allergies are the pits.
Smelling: our neighbors exotic foods. 
Wearing: athletic gear and my new maternity sweatpants, basically anything comfortable
Following: Anna wherever her little legs take her. Usually it's to a set of stairs.
Noticing: every little movement my body makes hoping it's Juice Drop squirming. Too soon.
Knowing: the inevitable...I'll have to do labor all over again. 
Thinking: I need to spend more time with Jesus
Feeling: a little overheated. A/C's turned off this afternoon
Bookmarking: crockpot recipes
Opening: the doors and letting the fresh air in
Giggling: while binge watching all the seasons of The Office with Travis for the millionth time
Feeling: joy knowing a second child only brings more love to the family


Countdown to Mother's Day

Travis has been asking me what I want to do for Mother's Day. I haven't been able to come up with an answer. You mean a day where I can choose to do WHATEVER?! I feel like I should have the answer at the front of my mind considering most days all I want to do is do whatever I want but a majority of the time it doesn't happen. So now I get a day to choose whatever and I still have no clue what to do. I can't decide if I want to be by myself or spend it with the one who calls me mother (well, Mama or Mommy to be exact). Should we go out to eat or stay in and have Travis cook? (and clean the kitchen after ;) ) Really I have no idea because I have so many other things on my mind, like taking a few of our girls to a lake house this Saturday (Sunday's not even on my radar), pondering over gifts for our own mothers, and thinking about this tiny babe below. 

How far along? 15 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of a naval orange and might be hiccuping in there! Bring on the tiny little bump, bump, bumps. I can't wait to feel those :)
Total weight gain: still around 10 lbs, I've slowed my roll when eating 
Maternity clothes? some days
Sleep: hasn't been great but I think it's mostly due to allergies and the fear of my nose bleeding in the middle of the night
Best moment this week: this has nothing to do with Juice Drop but Anna has started saying "thanks" without being prompted! It's the sweetest :)
Miss Anything? nothing I can think of this week
Movement: no
Food cravings: sweets, I just want candy all the time!
Gender: won't know until May 24th but I did have a dream that we were having a boy! I'm always wrong so it's probably a girl ;)
Symptoms: still those darn bloody noses, so annoying! 
Belly Button in or out? in between
Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy this week
Looking forward to: my second Mother's Day even though I have no clue what I'm going to do!

Maybe you can help me out in trying to decide what to do this Sunday...What has been one of your favorite activities to do on Mother's Day? 


Trimester Deux

Yes! I've finally made it! Why does it feel like it's taken so long to get here? They say the second time around goes a lot faster. Who's they because I'd like to have a word with them. 

But here we are, 2nd trimester, a third of the way through this thing. And yet it still doesn't feel real. Maybe because I haven't felt a little kick or a nudge, maybe because we haven't seen Juice Drop on an ultrasound, maybe because I'm so busy with Anna that the thought of another human being entering our lives gets put on the back burner for a little while. I already feel bad for this one because by this point in my pregnancy with Anna I had already written like 20 journal entries. This Juice Drop: 2. He or she will get over it, right? Also, I was always so good with posting my weekly photo and survey on the blog on the same day each week. This time I'm cutting it close to not even posting at all. But I know you all would be so devastated if I didn't ;) and I can't have that so here goes (now that I'm closer to 15 weeks than 14):

How far along? 14 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of a lemon and is growing lanugo, that peach-fuzz like hair that I love so much
Total weight gain: guys, I've gained 10 pounds already!!! 
Maternity clothes? some days just so I can feel comfortable 
Sleep: not horrible, yet
Best moment this week: hearing Juice Drop's heartbeat <3 
Miss Anything? a glass of wine when everyone else has one
Movement: no
Food cravings: oh, anything and everything
Gender: we have our ultrasound May 22nd! And then the gender reveal party that weekend :)
Symptoms: this week? bloody noses! One night I woke up covered in my own blood; scary and gross
Belly Button in or out? in between
Happy or Moody most of the time: I want to say happy so bad but let's be honest, I'm moody
Looking forward to: the belly to finally pop so I'm not in that "in between" stage anymore! Are you pregnant or just fat? I just know that's what everybody's thinking! ;)

Here's to hoping I'm better about posting closer to 15 weeks rather than 16 next week!