The Most Beautiful Game

If you would've asked me in high school what I thought the worst sport was I would've said SOCCER. How in the world could somebody like such a dumb sport? All you do is run around and kick a ball. Lame.

Until I met Travis, well more like several years after I met Travis. After being surrounded by soccer and living and breathing soccer for the past 3 years my perspective has totally changed. I love soccer. I love everything about it. I love the skill that is involved. I love how you only need a ball and a few cones--sometimes not even a ball; a taped up t-shirt will do. I love how it brings all nationalities together despite the language barrier. And yes, even now I love the running.

This past Sunday Travis, his interns Luke and Logan, and his partner Paul had the opportunity to host a soccer match between their U15 and U18 boys' teams and adult leaders in our community as a fundraiser for the Urban Eagles. The leaders team included local church leaders, teachers, coaches, Urban Eagles volunteers, and a police officer. It was such a neat way to bring the community together, enjoying one another's company, and playing the Great Game. The final score was 2-1 with the boys winning over the adults! Everyone did an awesome job and thankfully there were no injuries--when you get older that's the first thing you worry about. It was amazing to see the participation in the leaders of our community. They were such good sports and played their hearts out. What I loved most was seeing all the nationalities and all ages coming together, to play, to watch, to just enjoy an evening together.

Pre-game prayer
Coach Logan opening the evening and introducing the teams. The U15 and U18 Urban Eagles boys are behind him.
And the leaders of our community, including Laura, one of my volunteers and only woman out there playing. She did awesome!!!
Way to go Laura!!!
Just a few of our wonderful fans. Look at those boys, totally engaged in what's going on out on the field!
At the beginning of the second half "Chavez", "Loganski", and "Lukano" (not pictured) made their appearance. 
It didn't take long for "Chavez" to receive a yellow card ;)
I think I've mentioned before that Travis will wear his mullet any opportunity he can. This was one of those opportunities he didn't want to miss out on. Seen here with "Lukano" and "Loganski".
Never a dull moment with these guys. 

I love this community so much. I'm blessed by these kids every day and knowing we have adults who love and care for these kids too just brings me so much joy. Soccer is just the tool but the community that has formed because of the Great Game is what keeps us together. 

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  1. This makes me SO HAPPY! I feel the exact same way about soccer.. never really cared for it until people I know started playing, and now I love it! It's a worldwide language that crosses cultural stereotypes and war zones, socioeconomic statuses and degrees. Now I'm seeing it used in the neighborhood as a tool for communication, a sort of grief therapy, discipline, etc. It's amazing really..!