Anna and Juice Drop's Updates

Today's post includes both of my children...did I really just say "children"??? It's still so unreal to me that Anna's not the only one anymore. I'm 4 days past when I should've taken a weekly update picture and posted it and since today Anna turns 20 months old I figured I'd make a post about both. 

Anna Jubilee - 20 months old

Yep, she ate the entire cob
Weight and height: 24 lbs and 31 in (this is just an estimate based on her 18 month check up) 
Favorite Book: "What Do You Say When a Monkey Acts This Way", a book about manners which is something we're currently working on and "Little Owl Lost", she'll actually repeat the words 
Favorite Toy: Her baby dolls. She's figured out a way to take one of the dolls clothes off and wants the doll to always be naked. Not sure what to think about this. 
Personality: independent, strong willed, FEARLESS, joyful, reserved until you get to know her--nothing like her parents ;)
Favorite Animal: dogs but to her every dog is a puppy
Loves: anything to do with water (and when I say fearless I mean it--she jumped into the pool several weeks ago while I turned my back for a second--isn't that how it always goes?)
Mommy's Favorite Words: water "wa-wa", thanks "danks", please "peeze", milk "dat" (not sure where she came up with that but it's too cute), for any insect "bee", stop "dop", owl "owlie", let's go "deet doe"

And Our Little Juice Drop

How far along? 17 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of an onion and is growing some meat on those bones. Grow, baby, grow!
Total weight gain: ehh who knows anymore? I'll find out tomorrow.  
Maternity clothes? most days I'm in gym shorts and tank tops but when I actually make an appearance in public it's usually in maternity clothes
Sleep: just fine. Seriously I think this pregnancy has been easier on my sleep than with Anna. I'm not having to get up and pee 5 times at night and I'm still able to sleep on my stomach most of the time.
Miss Anything? nothing I haven't already mentioned
Movement: Yes!! And Travis got to feel a little kick too!!! It was so great :) 
Food cravings: what don't I crave?
Gender: We find out Saturday!!! Stay tuned for the big reveal :)
Symptoms: same old, same old...bloody noses, heartburn, shortness of breath, bloating 
Belly Button in or out? in between
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!
Looking forward to: our ultrasound tomorrow, our big reveal on Saturday, and my family coming down to celebrate with us! 

I'm a little nervous about my reaction when we finally cut into that cake on Saturday since I cried in my dream a few weeks ago when it was a boy! Deep down I know all I want is a healthy baby but apparently my sub conscience might be saying otherwise. Send joyful vibes our way so the only tears shed are happy ones no matter the outcome! 

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