The Big One-O

Double digits, two hands, (insert any other analogies for the number 10 here because I ran out). That's right, Anna is 10 months old, which means in a mere 8 weeks she'll be ONE years old! Wow, I haven't really thought about it like that, I've just thought in terms of 2 months. Eight weeks sounds a lot closer than 2 months. I know I should start thinking about her birthday party but I just can't, not just yet. Maybe in a few weeks I will but for now I want to savor every second of her being less than one. I want to cherish every kiss, every cuddle, every laugh and smile, every time we nurse (because the plan is to wean her around one). That's one thing I'm a little nervous about. I really have loved nursing Anna and that special time we have together. I'm going back and forth between deciding whether to wean her at one or wait a little longer. Turning one AND taking away the boob, might be a little too much for this mama and daughter duo. My emotions just might not be able to take it! We'll see, I've got a few more weeks to pray it over and think about what's best for us both. Until then I'll kiss, cuddle, and tickle away and not think about my baby girl growing up! 

I'm how old?! I know, Anna, I know, you're becoming such a big girl! 
Any suggestions and/or encouragement for weaning?!


6 Things I've Found in My Daughter's Mouth As of Late

I've said it many times: every stage is my favorite. But there are a few things in each stage I could do without. Like the newborn stage: pooping and peeing in between diaper changes, as in the diaper is not on the bum yet so poop and pee get all over everything but the diaper. Now we're in the Oral Stage, at least that's what I think it's called and it fits perfectly because any and everything Anna sees immediately goes into her mouth. It's driving me crazy!!! I know, I know, it's how she learns about the world around her but I'm so ready for her to start learning about the world through touch and not taste. Luckily she hasn't choked on anything yet. I'm just waiting for that day when I have to use my CPR skills, and although I'm always on alert because I know how quick she is, I still find things in her mouth! So it's inevitable, right? I pray to God, NO! Well let's go through the list of things I've found in her mouth together, shall we?

1. Potato Bugs--our home is their home. I hate killing them so I send at least 10 on their way out the door every day. And I'm sure Anna eats a few as well.

2. Pine needles and the little pieces that connect them--we basically live in a forest.

3. Plastic piece that attaches the tag to a new article of clothing--that one about killed me, it was even after I vacuumed!

4. Rocks--little tiny ones that could easily be choked on.

5. A clump of dirt--turned into mud in her mouth, impossible to get out.

6. Chalk--just took a nice chunk out of a big piece turning her mouth a pretty shade of green.

Now before you go and call DSS on us for child neglect know that we do vacuum often and anytime I see a small piece of whatever on the floor I immediately pick it up. I can't turn my back for a second without Anna finding the littlest, bittiest piece no human adult eye could ever see! The girl's got eagle eyes, just like her Daddy, I swear. I do, however, get a chuckle out of some of the things I find hiding behind those tiny teeth and wonder how she can just slosh whatever she finds in her mouth without gagging from the nasty taste. But then again, I guess that's just how she's learning about the world around her. While this has been the most fun stage yet I'm sure ready for her to use her other senses as well!

Isn't this a sweet photo? Don't be fooled. She's most likely playing with a flower that will very soon be in her mouth if Daddy doesn't stop taking pictures and take it out of her hand!


Brings Me Back: Tye-Dyeing T-shirts

Remember making your own Tye-Dye t-shirts? Even better, remember putting a scrunchy around your Tye-Dye t-shirts? Ahhh, those were the days, right? Not a care in the world aside from what colors you were going to use to turn your plain white tee into a masterpiece of art. I always had the toughest time choosing my colors and deciding where exactly to place those rubber bands. But it really didn't matter because the colors were going to bleed right through those rubber bands and in the end the outcome was much different than you had expected. It was even better!

With the help of my good friend, Emily (because without her I'd have no idea how to make them!) we rallied the girls and let them design their own Tye-Dye t-shirts! They had a blast and the shirts turned out awesome!

Group shot with our t-shirts in baggies:

And of course we had to take a silly picture!
The result!!!...unfortunately only 4 girls that made t-shirts came to Girls Night the following week. I even made a little one for Anna. 
So much fun! I just love these girls!