Brings Me Back: Tye-Dyeing T-shirts

Remember making your own Tye-Dye t-shirts? Even better, remember putting a scrunchy around your Tye-Dye t-shirts? Ahhh, those were the days, right? Not a care in the world aside from what colors you were going to use to turn your plain white tee into a masterpiece of art. I always had the toughest time choosing my colors and deciding where exactly to place those rubber bands. But it really didn't matter because the colors were going to bleed right through those rubber bands and in the end the outcome was much different than you had expected. It was even better!

With the help of my good friend, Emily (because without her I'd have no idea how to make them!) we rallied the girls and let them design their own Tye-Dye t-shirts! They had a blast and the shirts turned out awesome!

Group shot with our t-shirts in baggies:

And of course we had to take a silly picture!
The result!!!...unfortunately only 4 girls that made t-shirts came to Girls Night the following week. I even made a little one for Anna. 
So much fun! I just love these girls!

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