40 Weeks

Some women don't even make it to 40 weeks before their little one enters the world. Ours did. Forty weeks and two days to be exact. So in just two days Anna will have been out of the womb longer than she was inside! I don't know why this excites me so much. It's not like her one year birthday or anything, but I feel like it marks something special. We've come a long way from when I was 40 weeks pregnant! We have a precious baby who is becoming more like a little girl rather than an infant. She's getting into anything and everything. We've found pieces of carpet, bugs, and little pine needles in her mouth when we turn our backs for just a second! Is this normal or am I just a horrible parent?! She's starting to pull up and cruise around the living room. She's absolutely hilarious making the funniest faces and loudest noises. I realized the other day we can't go to the library. We received too many looks after Anna made it known she was there. Where Anna's at right now is just too much fun! I've loved every stage she's been through and every stage is my favorite--does that even make sense? Well I guess I'm ready to move out of the "put everything in mouth" stage, I could do without that. I'll tell ya what, it's a bear trying to get a foreign object out of a baby's mouth! Those jaws won't budge for nothing! She loves animals and definitely makes it known any time she sees one, which makes me nervous because we're not exactly pet people. Hopefully she gets her fix whenever we're with friends who have pets because it'll take a lot for me to budge on that one! 

I sound so repetitive and I even annoy myself sometimes but we really just can't get enough of our little girl. I mean, just look at that face! 

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  1. She is so beautiful!!! And looks exactly like both you and Travis!