A Daddy and his Daughter: A Father's Day Post

Speaking for Travis (even though he has no idea), this first Father's Day was very special. Not only did we celebrate Travis for the amazing father he already is to Anna, we were able to dedicate Anna to our Heavenly Father, plus Grandma Terri visited for the weekend.

Can I just say that I am the most blessed mother to have such a father for my daughter? I may just be a little biased. Travis loves this little girl of ours so much and I know that he just can't get enough of her. She has captured his heart and has got him around her little baby pinky finger. Besides the fact that he loves her to pieces, I just know what a wonderful, wise, and loving father he is and will be as she grows older. Working with youth, the topic of discipline, training, teaching, you name it, comes up a lot. I am amazed with the wisdom he already has and every discussion we have I think to myself, wow, what a lucky woman I am to have this guy as the father of my daughter! I tell him that and he says yeah, but I'm scared! I'm afraid to have a daughter. Aren't we all?! That's why God's grace is so amazing. Plus he gives us the wisdom we need to get through these next 18 years. And I believe Travis has already received a lot of that wisdom. I am so thankful to have him as my companion as we raise our daughter and train her up to also be a daughter of our Heavenly Father. 

As we were getting ready for church I realized if Travis didn't help get Anna ready we were going to be late (this seems to happen a lot). In between drying and straightening my hair I looked into her room and found this precious moment:

Oop, she caught me!
Anna loves her Daddy so much. Her face lights up whenever she sees him and it just makes my heart implode every time! Seriously. I don't know how much more my heart can take.

What a blessing it was to be able to dedicate Anna on Travis' first Father's Day! While Anna was a little sleepy and the worship music scared her (she hates loud noises) it was a beautiful dedication and the words Pastor Jonathan spoke and prayed over Anna were perfect.

We've got a friendly girl on our hands. Anna's always making friends.

Not so sure about this big guy, Mama.

Anna tried with all her might to come back to us. Pastor Jonathan didn't resist, he was quick to hand her off before any tears were shed.
Prayer and dedication. Such a special moment.

Taking a few shots after the dedication was a must!

Anna loves Grandma Terri!
Can you see her top teeth coming in?! Ahhh, I love them!
(Speaking for Travis again) I couldn't think of a better first father's day, although he might add fishing and going to see a movie in there somewhere. I know this was only the beginning of many more father's days where Travis knows and feels just how much his daughter loves him. Even though she can't say it yet, her face, her smiles, and her babbles definitely express the great love she has for her daddy.

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