A Little Privacy, Please

Yeah, right! Not in the family locker room at the Y--especially when you have a cute baby and there are teenage girls involved!

The other night after Anna's swim lessons we went to the women's family locker room and instead of changing in a stall I decided to change out by the lockers. No one was around, I didn't want to set Anna on the wet tile floor (the floor by the lockers was carpeted), and I knew I could change in 2.3 seconds (a skill you learn as a new mom). Well in 1.5 seconds in walked 10 teenage girls preparing for swim team practice, and there I am basically naked trying to switch from my bathing suit to my underwear and bra and Anna at my feet. 

"OHHH MY GOSH!! A BABY!!!!" One girl screamed. I tried to quickly finish but before I could I had two girls in my face (or at my chest rather since they were a tad shorter than me) asking me all kinds of questions about Anna and one girl down at another body part, err, I mean level cooing at Anna. I was shocked at the unashamed nature they possessed while I'm basically in my skivvies or lack there of. I tried avoiding eye contact, maybe that would deter them, at least until I was fully clothed. Nope, they just kept asking questions, you know, the ush: "what's her name? how old is she? does she have any teeth yet? how much does she weigh?" and oooohhhing and ahhhhhhing. And then came the big question that I pretended I didn't hear: "Can I hold her?" I thought to myself, Are you serious right now?! If I let you hold her, I've got to let every other girl in this locker room hold her. And hello?!, I'm already totally embarrassed that you all saw my lady bits and all I want to do right now is run for the hills with my baby! So no you can't hold her! Then the question came again and this time I couldn't pretend I was just a little hard of hearing..."sure." And then from all the other girls, "Me too? Can I hold her? Oh, please, I want a turn!" "Sorry, girls, my husband's waiting for me outside." Yes! Thank you, Travis, you saved the day and what little was left of my pride! I scooted out of that locker room with Anna in tote so fast Travis wondered what happened. After recapping my last 5 minutes he suggested it might be worth it next time to just have Anna sit on the wet tile floor inside of a stall. Yep, I agree!


Just Keep Swimming

My mom always called me a fish when I was little. I loved being in the water and I loved the smell of chlorine. I still do. It takes me back to my childhood of when we'd spend hours at my uncle's athletic club swimming in the pool, jumping in the hot tub (ok, I know it's against the rules but when your uncle is the manager you kind of can do whatever you want), and running around the aerobic room and racquetball courts after hours (still have no idea how to actually play racquetball!) After joining the YMCA a couple of weeks ago I knew right away I wanted to put Anna in swim lessons because I loved it so much growing up. I wanted her to be familiar with the water and learn from the beginning how to protect herself in the water and also have a little fun! We had an inkling she'd like the water when during tummy times she would arch her back, extend her arms and legs, and plank. Well she LOVED it! She was a natural kicking her little legs and scooping the water. She had a smile on her face the whole time even when I accidentally dipped her face too far in the water! Oops, new mama here. She did so good and we can't wait to go back again next week!

Now that's the face of a determined girl! Look out Missy Franklin, Anna Jubilee is coming for your gold!


I Melt...

Every time Anna sees her father. It's one of the best feelings in the world! Her eyes light up, her smile spreads across her face, and she reaches out her hands to feel his beard in her tiny fingers. I think what's even more heart melting is seeing Travis' reaction to his daughter lighting up every time he sees her. Ah, I fall in love with both of them all over again and my heart almost can't contain the overwhelming joy!

Be still, my heart! 


Easter on the Beach

Whoever says taking family pictures on the beach is the best has never taken pictures on the beach. Both times we've traveled to Charleston with Anna I have the best intentions of getting that perfect family photo on the beach, and it hasn't failed, both times, my hair is whipping in Anna's face covering my own, Anna's eyes are squinted from sand blowing and pelting her, my dress is flipping up revealing my unmentionables, and Travis is shouting above the wind trying to get both Anna and me to look at the camera at the same time. Phew! Just give me a park with a blooming flower bush and let's call it a day. Thankfully with the 50 plus photos Travis took we were able to snag a few good ones. 


Less wind (and less smiles) came later at church while celebrating Jesus' resurrection.


How has the whole family photo sesh on the beach panned out for you? I'd love to hear stories!