Just Keep Swimming

My mom always called me a fish when I was little. I loved being in the water and I loved the smell of chlorine. I still do. It takes me back to my childhood of when we'd spend hours at my uncle's athletic club swimming in the pool, jumping in the hot tub (ok, I know it's against the rules but when your uncle is the manager you kind of can do whatever you want), and running around the aerobic room and racquetball courts after hours (still have no idea how to actually play racquetball!) After joining the YMCA a couple of weeks ago I knew right away I wanted to put Anna in swim lessons because I loved it so much growing up. I wanted her to be familiar with the water and learn from the beginning how to protect herself in the water and also have a little fun! We had an inkling she'd like the water when during tummy times she would arch her back, extend her arms and legs, and plank. Well she LOVED it! She was a natural kicking her little legs and scooping the water. She had a smile on her face the whole time even when I accidentally dipped her face too far in the water! Oops, new mama here. She did so good and we can't wait to go back again next week!

Now that's the face of a determined girl! Look out Missy Franklin, Anna Jubilee is coming for your gold!


  1. There she is being all happy and precious again. YOU GO, ANNA!

  2. Jessica,
    I just spent a couple of hours reading through your blog, and it nearly brought me to tears! Your story is so beautiful, like something out of a fairy tale! I don't know if I can even express how happy I am for you. Anna is a beautiful child and you and Travis seem as happy as ever. I felt like I went on this journey with you, and seeing Anna grow, I just know she's going to become even more beautiful, and truly she will be a child of God. It makes me want to have a child too! (But that's not gonna happen for a looooooong time!)
    I'm so so so happy for you, and I hope your days are continuously filled with love and joy as you journey on. God has truly blessed you :)
    Best wishes,
    Lindsey Grafe

    1. Wow, Lindsey, you about brought me to tears with your beautiful note! Thank you for your kind words, they really mean so much. I'm so glad we've become friends on Facebook. You've grown into a beautiful woman! I can't believe you and Emily are now in college, time has just flown by! When I was at the pool the other day I was reminded of when I'd take the four of you to the pool and how it felt like just yesterday but you guys are all grown up now--crazy!! Hope you and your family are well! Maybe when we're home again you can meet Anna :)

    2. Thank you! Time really has flown by, huh? It's just crazy...
      It would be wonderful to meet Anna and to see everyone again! If you want, just let us know when you're in town. I'm sure we'd all love to catch up :)