Flipping for Cloth

Yep, that's right, we've started cloth diapers! And I'm super excited! Who gets excited about something that will be soiled within hours and then have to be washed? It's me, it's me! Ask me how I feel about them in 5 months and I'll let you know if my opinion has changed :)

Maybe I'm super excited because they're just so darn cute. I know, it won't be so cute in a few hours when I have to change her diaper and then wash it but...I mean, just look at her...

Loving our Flip Diapers!


  1. YAY for cloth diapers! I would get excited about something like that too! :) hope to see you guys SOON!

  2. I'll be trying out cloth for the first time with our next due in April. They are so adorable!

  3. I love our Flip diapers! Don't ever ever ever use diaper rash creams even if they say they are cloth diaper friendly. I learned the hard way... it ruins the inserts.

    Even after 15 months I still love them!

    1. Awesome, that's so good to hear someone else who's used them for a while loving them! And thank you for the advice about the diaper rash cream!!! :)

  4. Cloth diapers are amazing. I think I'm done having kids unless God makes it clear we are to move back into the baby stage, but I can't give my cloth diapers away. I loved cloth daipering. Yeah to you for doing it and yours are so cute, but the little one makes them adorable :)