And We're Back!

I know, I know, where have I been all your life?! You missed me didn't you...please say you did! 

We were in California!!! 

That's right, our little Juice Drop took her first flight to see her Uncle Troy and Aunt Carly (Travis' brother) in the great state of Cali for Thanksgiving! Before our little one came along a trip to the west coast sounded like a superb idea, then when she finally arrived I began second guessing how I was going to actually survive a plane ride and a week away from normalcy with an 8 week old. But we did it and with great success because our baby girl did a fabulous job and gracefully slept through it all. Can I just say, without being a bit biased at all, that our baby was the best baby on all of the flights?! No crying, no blow outs, slept when she wasn't eating...Ok, ok, now I'm just bragging, and it will all come back to bite me in the butt when I have to fly alone with this little girl come January; the tables may just turn.

I would love to stay and chat for a bit, tell you how amazing California was (because it truly was a wonderful vacation with beautiful sights that were seen and the best company we could ask for), however, I feel like my words won't do any justice (and neither will the future pictures). I'd rather wait until Travis is done editing so I can really share with you the awesomeness of this trip. Until then I leave you with this silly picture of a little girl who is sound asleep in her own bed (what?! my sweet baby is growing up way too fast!)


  1. So precious! Glad you had a great time and such a blessing she was an angel on the plane :) xo


  2. oh my gosh, if i saw you in an airport looking that amazing and beautiful all while carrying a baby, i would be totally jealous (in the best way possible) ;)

    i can only hope my baby does that well the first time we travel by plane! i looove the last pic :)