Head Up, Little Lady

Wouldja just look at that?! Wouldja just look at that neck control?! Just look at it, will ya?!

We are just so proud of our 10 week old! Did I just say 10 week old? That just blows my mind! 

I remember when I was 10 weeks pregnant. It was right after we visited our family in Ohio to tell them the great news about Anna. I remember thinking how far away meeting our baby seemed. But, boy, did it fly by and now that tiny, little salamander looking thing is a bouncing 10 week old! Crazy how fast life goes and before we know it we'll have a 10 year old, don't remind me! But for now I'm not going to think about the past when she was the size of a pin needle or the future when she'll be having slumber parties. I'm going to bask in the awesomeness that my daughter can now hold her head up during tummy time for a solid 5 minutes without fussing! You go, girl!

P.S. I know she's not in a cloth diaper. No, I haven't given up on them. She doesn't wear them at night; this was right before bedtime.


  1. goooo anna!!! that's so exciting :) i just realized our babies were born 4 days apart! i feel really happy about this fact lol

    1. As I looked through your blog I thought the same thing! They also look a lot alike with all that hair :)

    2. i know, the hair is another thing i totally noticed ! anna is seriously adorable. We just got our tree today and i'm dying to try your scrabble tile name ornament tutorial!

  2. She is adorable and super stong. Praying for your precious family and God's call on your life. my babies wore disposibles at night too or double padded cloth at night.

  3. Yeah Anna! So excited for you all. Can't wait to see you sometime.