It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Well besides the fact that it's 70 degrees and sunny, but I'm not complaining! It at least looks like Christmas in our living room and that's really all that matters. And honestly, I don't mind if it doesn't snow this year; keep sending the 70 degree weather, God. I love it!

We had a great time getting in the festive mood and making ornaments last week with our small group. So much fun I thought I'd share with you how we made them so you can make your own for your tree. They are super easy and super cute!

I decided to make one for Anna since this is her first Christmas. Her middle name is Jubilee--perfect for this time of year, no?

What you need:
yard stick
scrabble pieces (our friend found a few scrabble games at a thrift store)
ornament hook
wood glue
table saw
decorations: ribbon, bells, stickers, etc.

What you do:
1st-pick out the letters you want
2nd-glue them on the yard stick
3rd-using table saw, cut yard stick
4th-drill a hole at the top of the stick for the ornament hook
5th-decorate with ribbon, bells, stickers, or with whatever your heart desires. Get creative!
6th-hang on tree to enjoy all season long!


  1. um, how cute is your tree and that ornament??!!!!

    1. Thanks!! Oh and I made your cherry crisp and it was to die for! I'm definitely making it again for our family's Christmas :)