The Big One-O

Double digits, two hands, (insert any other analogies for the number 10 here because I ran out). That's right, Anna is 10 months old, which means in a mere 8 weeks she'll be ONE years old! Wow, I haven't really thought about it like that, I've just thought in terms of 2 months. Eight weeks sounds a lot closer than 2 months. I know I should start thinking about her birthday party but I just can't, not just yet. Maybe in a few weeks I will but for now I want to savor every second of her being less than one. I want to cherish every kiss, every cuddle, every laugh and smile, every time we nurse (because the plan is to wean her around one). That's one thing I'm a little nervous about. I really have loved nursing Anna and that special time we have together. I'm going back and forth between deciding whether to wean her at one or wait a little longer. Turning one AND taking away the boob, might be a little too much for this mama and daughter duo. My emotions just might not be able to take it! We'll see, I've got a few more weeks to pray it over and think about what's best for us both. Until then I'll kiss, cuddle, and tickle away and not think about my baby girl growing up! 

I'm how old?! I know, Anna, I know, you're becoming such a big girl! 
Any suggestions and/or encouragement for weaning?!

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  1. gah! ONE?! i can't even think of abel turning one!! we are having his half birthday party this weekend & i can't believe THAT! as far as the nursing... cry my eyes out, i feel the same! let me know how it goes! love your sweet family!