Juice Drop #2 is a...

B O Y !

I am still in a bit of shock. But over the moon excited to meet our little man! I was mistaken yet again. With Anna I could've sworn I was going to see blue cutting into our reveal cake and this time I was envisioning pink but, boy, was I wrong! >> See what I did there? ;) And guess what guys?! No tears of sadness--only tears of joy! I really was just so happy. We now will have one of each and we couldn't feel more blessed. 

Our gender reveal party was amazing. We had our close friends and family surrounding us in celebration (so thankful my dad, brother, and sister were able to be here and my mom and other sister skyped in!), the weather was perfect, our new secret park was all ours (just recently found this park and we're always the only people there. Saturday was no exception!), and the cake/cupcakes were gorgeous, and most importantly, delicious! 

I went with a peach, mint, and gold color scheme. Peach for girl, mint for boy. I thought it was a perfect color combo for this spring party. Travis' cousin Angel made our cake and cupcakes again. She is just amazing. She always does a beautiful job and her cakes always taste so yummy. I don't know if this time can be outdone. Just look at that masterpiece!

Since not everybody knew everyone we thought it'd be a good idea to use name tags. The name tags were also a way for our guests to vote for Juice Drop's gender.

Team Boy (who inevitably knew the outcome!)

Team Girl (looking rather sparse and in the end lost the vote)

We enjoyed a great meal grilled up by my awesome dad and sides were brought along by guests. And then finally after we were stuffed it was time to cut into that cake and see if it was a baby boy or girl growing inside of me! 

Here we go!!!

The moment I saw blue!

You can tell Travis is yelling out "BOY!"

Pure Joy!

I love how Anna has no idea what is going on the entire time. She has no idea Mommy's having a baby, no idea she's going to be a big sister, no idea she's getting a baby brother. She does kiss my belly though and that makes me think maybe, just maybe, she's has a hint of what's to come. 

Not quite sure how ready I am to have a boy but I'll tell you what I haven't been able to stop watching our ultrasound dvd and 22 weeks just seems way too long of a wait before we can meet our sweet little guy!  

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