That's the Fruit of the Spirit the Lord has been telling me to practice. Let me tell you, it's much harder than it looks. Especially when dealing with a 20 month old. You think you have all the patience in the world and then you get a screaming toddler in your face and all you want to do is scream right back. But you can't. You've got to be the adult here. Then there are times when I think it'd be easier to just let her get her way. Let her go without brushing her teeth because she kicks and screams and absolutely hates it. Let her go without changing her diaper or sitting in her carseat or throwing her food on the floor or letting her watch the 4th episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba". Then I remember if I let her get her way then she'll grow up with bad teeth, a never ending butt rash, and be a spoiled, entitled adult. And we don't want that. So until then I have to be the bigger person. I have to let the Spirit live through me. I have to allow patience to overtake me. And then and only then will she also learn patience. Yes, she's a toddler. Yes, she'll continue to whine and scream and kick and yell when she wants her way. But when she sees Mommy being patient and not screaming back at her then maybe one day she'll think "oh, that's how we behave and maybe, just maybe I'll get my way if I act appropriately". (She still won't always get her way but she'll learn that she has a better chance when she practices patience also). At least that's what I'm praying for! Or for at least "time out" to start actually working!

Another area where patience is needed is waiting to meet our little man. Oh, October can't come soon enough! But at the same time I'm trying to cherish every single minute we have with Anna as the only child (even when she's throwing a fit ;) So being patient in meeting our baby boy hasn't been as challenging as dealing with a toddler but whenever I feel those little kicks I get excited for when I can finally see those little feet outside of my belly!

How far along? 19 Weeks
How big is baby? the size of a mango and he's working on his five senses--they're all developing in his brain! 
Total weight gain: meh, around 12 pounds 
Maternity clothes? only when I'm in public trying to look nice, otherwise it's gym shorts, leggings, and tshirts and tank tops
Sleep: last night was the best sleep yet! I think it's because I finally turned on our humidifier so it wasn't so dry which made breathing through my nose much easier. I didn't even get up once to pee! 
Best moment this week: taking Anna to the pool and just seeing sheer joy on her face. She loves it so much. So much that she grunts and makes noises the entire hour we're in the pool! No joke. 
Miss Anything? running as fast as I can in Athletic Conditioning class. I felt like the fat kid lagging behind all the athletic kids this morning. "Oh, don't wait up guys. Keep going. I'm just going to take a little nap here in the grass."
Movement: lots!
Food cravings: nothing in particular, I just want to eat all the time!
Gender: baby boy!
Symptoms: heartburn, bloating, baby kicks, peeing, always hungry 
Belly Button in or out? out
Happy or Moody most of the time: moody, it seems like the last 2 weeks (besides finding out about our little guy) every little thing is stressing me out (I know, I know, not good for baby). Our dryer broke, my tooth chipped so I had to go get that fixed, we both need new glasses and we're both on our last pair of contacts and we have yet to schedule an eye appointment, we're heading to Ohio and Indiana in less than 2 weeks, and vacation in July is still not totally pinned down, among other things. More than just a vacation, I need someone to plan it for me too!
Looking forward to: seeing family and friends in the next few weeks up north! 

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  1. I've been so congested too...maybe a humidifier is what I need! You look great and October will be here before both of us know it! Crazy!!