Not Your Typical DIY Father's Day Gift

Before I begin I have two disclaimers:

1. I'm sharing this before Father's Day incase all you slackers last minute gifters still have yet to get your father anything for his big day and need a suggestion. Plus my dad is rarely ever on social media so he won't read this. And if by chance he does happen to see this before Father's Day he already knows what he's getting.

2. I did this same thing for my mother for Mother's Day and when my dad saw her gift he said he wanted the same thing (they don't live together), making my life so much easier! 

3. We're not sure what's wrong with our camera but it's not focusing so this is why these pictures seem to be so out of focus. It's disheartening really.

Now that we got those out of the way, let's continue...

I think my love language is gifts. I love receiving gifts but more than that I love giving gifts! Gifts that are thoughtful, sentimental, mean something. When I give someone a gift that I put a lot of energy and thought into I feel like I'm loving them with everything I have. My hope is that when they open their gift they feel my love. This is why for every holiday and birthday I try to find something that I can give or make that says "I love you". If I absolutely can't find something I get paralyzed and I end up being the worst gift giver and I wallow in self pity for days. This could've happened this Father's Day for my dad because he's super hard to shop for and like most men isn't keen on the sentimental items (not that he doesn't enjoy them, he just doesn't know what to do with them). But when my dad saw the gift I made my mom he said "oh wow, I like these!" And I thought "score! that's what you're getting for Father's Day!" (It's not technically "re-gifting", right?)

So here it is folks: DIY PHOTO COASTERS

I'm missing my stickies here because I hadn't bought them yet. 

*4 1/2" squared tiles--I bought mine at Lowe's in a box of 12 for $7

*modge podge

*sealing clear coat spray paints

*felt, cork, foam, or cardboard stickies for the bottom--I used felt

*foam brush

*photos--print them from your computer using standard printing paper, much cheaper and works better with the modge podge. You may have to downsize them to fit your tile. So I made mine 3 1/2x3 1/2". Also, they are Instagram photos which made it a whole lot easier since they were already squared.


1. Cut your pictures. Paint one "light" layer of modge podge onto the coasters and lay on the pictures making sure they are centered. Smooth out the prints several times to remove any bubbles. I used a credit card to smooth them. 

2. Keep layering on the modge podge, making sure it's really dry in between coats. I did this about 5-6 times per coaster.

3. Once everything is dry spray on the clear spray paint. Spray about 2-3 coats per coaster to make sure everything is super smooth and glossy.

4. Stick on the felt, cork, foam, or cardboard stickies to the bottom. You can superglue them but since mine were already pretty sticky I skipped the superglue. The stickies keep the coasters from scratching glass or wood surfaces.

And that's it folks! Pretty simple, pretty cheap, and pretty sentimental! I mean who doesn't want to be reminded of loved ones as their sipping on some sweet tea? 

For all you Father's out there, I hope your Father's Day is pretty awesome! You Dads are what keep us families together and without you there would be no tickle fights, couch wrestling, fort building and just plain 'ole goofiness going on. Plus big bear dad hugs are the best!

And if by chance my dad does get on here: I love you, Dad. You are the man and I'm so blessed to call you mine! 

Travis' post on his Father's day gift is to come!!! (since he actually reads my posts I can't blog about it before I give him his gift!)

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