A Season to Remember: Go Urban Eagles!

Anyone remember the movie The Big Green? Even though I hated wasn't a fan of soccer before I met Travis, that movie was one my favorites growing up. I loved the fact that a group of kids expected to do lousy and looked down upon ended up surprising everyone and taking the championship. It was your typical feel-good movie, and you walked away wishing you could be a part of a team just like that.

While the Albemarle Urban Eagles didn't win the championship our boys started the season off already the underdogs. They are a group of 12-15 year old kids from all different parts of the world from Burma to Liberia to Mexico and more, and while they may have played soccer all their lives in their neighborhoods, they had never played on a structured team. From the first time they stepped on the field that first game all the way to the last game you could see the joy in their faces and the passion in their play. They loved being out there and anyone who came to watch was blessed. They loved playing so much they'd be ready to go to the game 3 hours before game time--we're talking 7:30 am on a Saturday morning for a 10:45 game! They ended their season last night by placing 3rd in the tournament, and even with a loss, they left the field with heads held high and smiles on their faces. We are so proud of these boys and already can't wait for the fall season to begin!  

Congrats, Urban Eagles! You did a stellar job! 

Ready for the game!

Even with a loss at the end of the tournament there are smiles all around!


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