A Graduation in Chuck Town

This past weekend in Charleston was UH-MAZING!!! Not only did we get to spend a little R&R on the beach the last day, we got to celebrate with great friends the graduation of Alexis Evans, who by the way Travis used to babysit (yes, I said babysit) when he was in middle school! We spent the weekend in a beach house on the Isle of Palms, taking morning walks next to the waves, the afternoons on the roof or by the pool, and eating nothing but delicious junk (Juice Drop really loved me for that!)

I could do this everyday!
Travis trying not to burn his face and catching some zzzz's
The first two days were kind of cloudy. We were hoping for some sun to poke
through especially when the weather channel said UV of 9...yeah, right!
Abby and me with the Graduation Girl, Alexis, in the middle

Red sky at night sailor's delight :)
Our humble weekend abode 
We couldn't help but take pictures of Juice Drop! She's already missing the beach :)

Oh, Chuck Town, you have a big piece of my heart!

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