My Mami

There is one lady I love so much and I want her to know it. She gave birth to 4 big babies and now she's becoming a Grandmami! What a great accomplishment! Here's to you, Mami, on this beautiful, yet rainy, Mother's Day! We celebrate you today!

Baby Mami--Isn't she presh? 
Mami's senior pic, just gorge!
Mami and moi
Bumble Bee Mami (with glasses and a stache?) and her two little kitties (Stef and me)
Mami with her 4 big babies (me, Stef, Emily, and Zak)
Mami and me, Easter 2010 
Mami is the real queen of the diamond!
And the trophy should go to Mami for the being the best Mami around! (Actually the trophy is for Emily's team winning State Runner-Up for Ohio!)

We love you, Mami! XOXO

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