Where the Heart is

I've heard your heart can be in more than one place but can it be in three or even four places? My heart is originally in Ohio, of course, since it's where I grew up and much of my family is still there. My heart is also here in Charlotte because my husband is here, now our new home, and this is where we will begin a family. But my heart is also in two other places as well. We have people we love very much back in Indiana where we lived for 5 years (3 years in college and 2 years working and serving at East Side Church of God). Living in Indiana was an amazing experience and we have many fond memories of college, meeting our best friends, spending more time with our siblings, babysitting four amazing little girls, partnering together in ministry, and beginning Unity Soccer which eventually led us to the Urban Eagles.

And then there is Greenville, South Carolina.

We just got back from a weekend away with some of our favorite people. You know those people, the people who you don't have to see for months or even years and you pick up where you left off, laughing until your belly hurts and tears are rolling down your face. (Along with having my heart in multiple places, my favorite people list is super long and these favorites of mine are spread out all over the world.) And while we only lived in Greenville for for 2 years (the shortest amount of time we've lived anywhere else, besides Charlotte), I know these relationships will last a lifetime.

Taylors First Church of God in Greenville held a lot of firsts for us. It was our first careers right out of college (for Travis, worship leader and youth pastor and for me, children's ministry director). It was our first time living far enough away from our families that it couldn't be a weekend trip any longer. It was the first time Travis played guitar and sang in front of anyone for worship (and Benny made him do it the first Sunday we were there! :) ) While those 2 years had it's trials, it's really difficult to look back and see any negatives. When we reminisce we are only reminded of all the great things that happened, all the things we learned, and all the people we love and miss dearly. Even though we only live 2 hours away from Greenville now we haven't been able to visit as often as we would like. But when those few and far between visits come around we praise God and thank Him for allowing us to live in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people for those 2 years!

Unfortunately the only picture I got this weekend. We went out with our good friends,
Zeke and Beth Godfrey and ate a delicious Thai meal the authentic way--on the floor :)

One the Youth's favorite things to do: PAINTBALL!

We took Gabriel and Dee to Atlanta for a missions project and worked with Church on the Streets.
It was eye opening for everyone!

One of our favorite things to do was go hiking.
We're at Rainbow Falls at Jones Gap State Park, our favorite place to hike.

We took the youth to Big Stuf Camp during the summer and it was a blast! 
Big Stuf Camp on Daytona Beach

We loved embarrassing the youth by doing the McFormal

Laser Tag! Another youth favorite!

I miss this kid like crazy! (Pastor's and good friends' son). I think he was a little nervous about my costume lol

I loved being a part of the women's ministry. We did a Ladies Day Out hiking :)

I love these two so much!

Christmas Party with the Youth and, of course, with ugly sweaters!

Where is your heart?

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