A Cantaloupe (again) + Welcome Baby Kiah!

Remember a few weeks back when I said Juice Drop was the size of a cantaloupe and then half way through the week the bump.com changed fruits on me? Well we've come to 24 weeks, folks! Which means Juice Drop is officially the size of a cantaloupe!--until thebump.com wants to change fruits on me again. I don't think they would do that to me though, considering she really does feel like a cantaloupe inside of me! I can tell she's getting so big because her kicks and punches are getting stronger and I'm feeling her move more often throughout the day--which puts a big smile on this Mama's face every time :)

How far along? 24 weeks 
Total weight gain: 12 lbs
Maternity clothes? again, wearing them most of the time but a pregnant lady's only got so many maternity clothes--and most of them are for nicer wear. My casual pre-materninty shirts (v-necks, tank tops, etc.) are becoming belly shirts so I think it's time to add casual maternity clothes to my collection lol
Stretch marks? no :)
Sleep: a little rough this week. I tried sleeping with a pillow behind so I don't roll over on my back, which has helped, but a girl who's used to tossing and turning all night in her sleep finds it a pain to stick in one position all night!
Best moment this week: meeting Kiah!! *see below*
Miss Anything? being able to do an entire workout without having to stop to pee several times
Movement: stronger kicks and punches, more throughout the day, hiccups!!
Food cravings: Dr. Pepper
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: still nope lol
Symptoms: my ribs have been killing me! especially when I sit for too long or right after I've eaten.
Belly Button in or out? outie 
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: the mood swings have been bad this last week. I don't even know who I am anymore lol! but I am happy most of the time :)
Looking forward to: getting bags done for friends so we can start working on the nursery!

We met a very special person yesterday who when we met wasn't even 24 hours old yet! Weighing only 7.2 pounds, Kiah Lily Jackson is a tiny little thing with beautiful big blue eyes (she had them open the whole 2 hours we were visiting!), full lips, and a teeny tiny nose. Her little fingers and toes were almost too much to take. She is absolutely perfect in every way, and I couldn't be more excited for Stephen and Heather! 

Memorial Day, the day Kiah was born, felt like it lasted twice as long (Stephen and Heather say it flew right by for them). So many people were waiting in anticipation from 7 am until 6 pm (a little after the time Kiah was born) to hear of her arrival! Phones were attached to hips as text messages came in saying: 6-7 cm dilated! and they just broke her water! and any minute now! which any minute now lasted 3 hours! When we finally received the message of her arrival at 5:46 pm, anxiety was replaced with joy and thankfulness to God! Travis and I were feeling so many emotions the entire day. Not only were we so overjoyed for our friends and their baby girl but the reality was beginning to sink in that this will be us in 4 very short months! We couldn't help but imagine what it's going to be like driving to the hospital, being in excruciating pain(!), and then finally getting to meet our own baby girl! We look forward to that day with GREAT anticipation, and while some days it will feel like 4 months is forever away, I know this summer is going to fly by and she'll be in our arms before we know it! 

Welcome Baby Kiah! We love you so much!

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