Our First DIY Project

We did it! We completed our first ever DIY home project, and I'd have to say it came out a success! Travis loves anything that allows him to be creative, whether it's designing, drawing, building, and even decorating, yes, decorating :) He made our first bed frame and headboard as a wedding gift, which was then sold at a yard sale a few years later--still a little bitter, let's not talk about it. But this project, this was our first that we did together! Ok, maybe he did most of the work along with a few kids from the neighborhood, and I was there for moral support and to hold the pieces of wood together while he drilled. Travis had been wanting to make a dining table for a long time. He was so excited to create and build a center piece where so many people gather to fellowship and eat. He knew exactly what he wanted it to look like and couldn't wait to begin. Once all the materials were bought, it only took us a weekend to complete--pretty impressive for us!

What we used:

*Wood (spruce) planks from Lumberyard (two pieces of 2" x 10" x 16' boards): $24
           -we cut each 16' board to make two 6' pieces and used the extra 4' for shelves

*Smaller wood planks from Lumberyard (two pieces of 1" x 4" x 36"): $8
           -these boards were cut to 27" and are used to hold the four top pieces together

*Legs from Ikea: $12 (at $3 each)

*Black paint: $4

*Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane: $12

*2" Wood Screws: $3

*Power sander or hand sander

*Fine Sanding Block

*Mineral Spirits

*Power drill

*Not that this is required to make a table but we got our chairs from Ikea for $14 each

How much we spent: around $65

How long it took: 3-4 hours (not including waiting for polyurethane to dry)

How we did it:

Travis hand sanded (poor guy) the the boards.

He applied polyurethane to keep the natural look of the wood and painted the smaller boards black.

We screwed the legs into the two outside pieces (on the bottom--do I really have to clarify that? lol).

We laid the four boards together side by side (top of table facing down).  The two black smaller boards were placed at each end perpendicular to the large boards (not quite touching the legs).

We drilled the smaller boards to the large boards with four screws per large board to secure.

We flipped the table over and ...

Blim Blam! We have ourselves a dining table!

Who's ready for dinner? :)


  1. I love it! It's so modern but it has this really nice rustic charm :)


    1. Thanks! We love it too, and we were kind of going for the modern/rustic look so I guess we got it right :) Thanks for stopping by!