100 Days...

Until Juice Drop Arrives! give or take a few days :)

100 days until...
1. Parenthood really sinks in
2. Changing poopy diapers becomes my new calling
3. Meal time is literally every 3 hours
4. Crying becomes my new soundtrack (both baby and Mommy's)
5. What once were quick trips to the grocery store become an entire day's adventure
6. I ask the question what's a shower? 
7. One of us mutters obscenities under our breath during the wee hours of the night while the other is sound asleep 
8. Spit up, pee, and poop become accessories to my outfits
9. Loads of laundry piled to the ceiling and 3 day old dirty dishes in dishwasher
10. I lose my old name and receive my new name: Mommy

But who cares when there is

100 days until...
1. Cuddle time all the time
2. Tiny toes and fingers I could just eat up
3. A button nose
4. Bright eyes looking at me as if I'm the only one in the world
5. Extra soft skin I can't stop touching
6. Feeding time in the wee hours of the night becomes my favorite time of the day
7. We can hear her heartbeat without a Doppler
8. I can show her off outside of the confines of my belly
9. We see her smile (albeit in her sleep for the first few months) 
10. We're a FAMILY!   

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