You My Brown Eyed Girl

I may be biased but I believe Anna's eyes are her best feature. I don't think that I'm the only one who believes this either. We get comments often like "Wow, her eyes!" "They're so big!" "They're beautiful!" and "You could get lost in those things"...oh boy, do I ever! Seriously, they're like falling into a rabbit's hole without the possibility of ever getting out, and who would want to? They suck you in. (Thank you for letting me take that too far for a moment.) but never did I ever think I'd be singing "My Brown Eyed Girl" to my little girl. With Travis having blue eyes and me with green we're still in awe with the fact that Anna's eyes are brown. He swears he's not the father (only kidding, of course!), but based on baby pictures of little Travis, Anna is most definitely his daughter! It reminds me of 9th grade biology and learning about genes. My mind starts reeling and begins to hurt because of all that I can't remember!

Anna was born with deep blue eyes. They began changing after her first few months into an almost blueish, greenish, brownish color, and have since settled on brown with green flecks. So maybe it'd be more appropriate to call them hazel? After brown seemed to be the permanent hue we began asking our family members who shares this same trait with Anna. We knew none of our siblings nor parents do. Both sets of parents and all 4 siblings (Travis' brother and my three siblings) all have blue or green eyes. So we just assumed Anna could only have either blue or green eyes since we figured one or the other is dominant and no where in our immediate families is there a dominant brown. How is it possible she has brown eyes?! But, hold up. We found out my uncle (my mother's brother) and Travis's grandma (his father's mother) have brown eyes. Interesting! I still proceeded to google how it could be possible that Anna has brown eyes with parents having blue and green eyes (even with brown being in our extended family). And lo and behold I came to this site that again had my mind spinning with talks of genes, recessive and dominant traits, and lots of "BB's, bb's, and Bb's". After reading and reading and then taking a break to eat a bowl of cereal because my mind couldn't contain all that was being said and reading some more I finally figured out it is very possible (but very rare) that Anna has been passed down a dominant brown gene. It could also be a number of other reasons as to why she has brown eyes (such as environmental effects and DNA changes) but the most important fact that I discovered is that Anna is an anomaly, she's unique, remarkable, exceptional, ONE-OF-A-KIND! I find this so amazing and beautiful, so amazingly beautiful! I already knew our little girl was special in so many ways, but this small feature just makes her that much more.

And there's your biology lesson for the day, brought to you by this sweet, little gem ;)

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