Cabin Fever

Ok, before I get shot by all my midwestern friends and family, can I just say we're getting cabin fever down here too? I'm tired of this winter, I'm tired of this weather, I'm tired of being cooped up in our house with no where to go because anything fun indoors costs money. Just the other day Travis and I agreed they need to make an indoor place that's fun for kids (i.e. playground) that doesn't cost money. Who's with me?! I know I can get an "AMEN" from my fellow SAHMs! I mean, you can only get one free hour of childcare at the YMCA a day, and you can only go to the pet store so often before employees are like "Oh, you again? So you're still not going to buy anything, right?" We tried the library for their story hour last week and that was an epic fail. Anna just wanted to pound type on the computer keyboards the whole time. So we may wait a few months before returning.

We've been trying to get creative around the house since we've been stuck inside. Like wash our hands, because it's fun and it keeps someone busy for 5 minutes. Anna's new favorite game is putting a piece of clothing or blanket or towel over her head and pretending like she's a ghost. I have no idea where she got that from because I don't remember doing it. So she must be watching way to many scary movies. I should talk to someone about that, she's way to young. She loves hats--for about 2 seconds. She'd rather you wear the hat than her, but if you insist that you really don't want to wear the Columbus Blue Jackets Stinger hat for the umpteenth time then she'll relent and wear it herself. Her new favorite hat is this one:

Ok, this is super horrible quality because it's from my dumb phone (aka not a smart phone) but I want you to see that what she's wearing is, in fact, not a hat but a skirt. I repeat, the thing on her head is a skirt but she adamantly thinks it's a hat and tries to wear it all the time. Is that not the cutest thing ever?! At least she hasn't tried to leave the house in it. And here she finally agrees to wear the Blue Jackets hat, although it usually adorns Travis' head:

Again, horrible quality, but you get the idea.

So what have you been doing to fight the chilling temperatures and snow? Any suggestions for a desperate mother? I've been thinking of trying the 'no poo' regiment everyone's posting about on Facebook since I don't have anywhere to go and no one to see for the next six weeks. Might as well let my hair get nasty and greasy while we're trying to stay warm inside!

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