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I've already broken my new year's resolutions. So that's great. But, wait, didn't I say they were more like reflections? So, I'm good. I'll just pick up where I left off 3 weeks ago.

I painted Anna's toenails for the first time! And I have to say they are the cutest little piggies I ever did see. I had to bribe her with food in her highchair while I quickly swiped each toe. I think more paint ended up on her skin than the actual nail but it all came off in the bath so who cares, really? Again, cutest little piggies EVER:

A week and a half ago we loaded up the 12 passenger Urban Eagles van with the Urban Eagles staff leaders, wives, and two toddlers and headed two hours to the mountains for a little retreat. It was a great weekend filled with worship and planning surrounded by beautiful scenery. We left refreshed and without my keys (to just about everything). So the only logical thing to do was return, just the three of us, the next weekend for a little getaway!

Perfect, right?! Well it would've been had I not gotten food poisoning the one night we stayed. (Note to self, and really all mothers for that matter: don't ever get sick. Just don't do it. It's bad enough when you only have to take care of yourself but when you now have a little one to take care of it becomes 100 times worse. So just don't plan on getting sick. Ever. Unless, of course, you have an amazing husband, significant other, mother, friend, etc. to basically do everything and more for you, and in that case, get sick all the time!)

Before I got sick and was up all night vomiting, we had a wonderful day relaxing, reading, napping, and enjoying the breathtaking view outside our window. It really was perfect. We saw the sun set and the sun rise. Travis built a little fire. We tried a game of Scrabble, and then when we realized we both have a horrible vocabulary we quit. I mean, we were putting down words like "lid" and "nope". I think my only word that was longer than three letters was "kindle". Pretty embarrassed by this so let's move on.

Let's talk about this child's hair. When is a good time to get a little girl's first haircut? You know, I was thinking I'd at least wait until she was 3 or 4 when her hair's really long, down to her butt, and there's nothing else to do but cut it. But if you see, it's starting to get a little crazy. To cut or not to cut? What do you think? I mean, she still looks absolutely beautiful but Travis thinks it needs a little shape. I'm still on the fence.

If you're wondering, we've gone down to one nursing session a day. I just couldn't give up that bedtime feeding, just not yet. However, even with that one session, we're still able to get in ample cuddle time. I was afraid that would just disappear. It hasn't, we cuddle right before nap after I give her a bottle of whole milk. She falls asleep on me and it's just amazing. I know, you're supposed to put the baby in the crib before she falls asleep, yadda yadda, but that just doesn't work for me us. I can even slip in a quick 10 minute nap as she's falling asleep too. It's been perfect! I know I'll probably get back on here in a couple of months asking advice on how to get my baby to sleep without having to cuddle, but just let me have these moments. I only get them for so long.

So the beginning of 2014? Not bad (if you don't count my little food poisoning episode). I'm about done with this frigid weather though--well, frigid for Charlotte. These 30 and 40 degree days are not fun for a mother of a toddler, let me tell you. Ok, now before all my midwestern friends shoot me for complaining about our fair weather, I'll go ahead and say, 'til next post!

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