Little He or Little She?

The butterflies began fluttering as soon as I arrived at Abby and Amanda's house. I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived. We were going to find out the gender! Wait, who's baby is this? Certainly not mine, but for a second I had to remind myself I'm not the one who's pregnant here. Gender reveal parties are where it's at! The suspense, the excitement, the waiting, and then...the REVEAL! It's a big deal. And only those who have participated can truly understand the joy + eager anticipation that are involved.

We had a small get together Saturday night to celebrate our good friends Stephen and Heather Jackson and the newest addition to their already precious family of three.

Little Kiah came running into the living room clueless as to what we were all doing. All she cared about were the pink and blue m&m's set on display. As we took pictures voting on what we thought the Jackson's baby gender is, Kiah was not to be left out.

"Pick blue or pink, Kiah. Do you think you'll have a baby brother or baby sister?"

She chose pink!
The rest of the votes...

We enjoyed a delicious meal together but not without our conversations centering on that cake and what color would be seen once it was cut. We just couldn't wait!!! Dishes were cleaned just as quickly as the food was devoured and the time had come to pop open the champagne (sparkling grape juice for Heather!) and let the Jackson's slice into that cake! Shrills from the ladies and woooo's from the guys led up to that last moment and then...

IT'S A BOY!!!!   

Everyone was so excited! Heather really wanted a boy and Stephen got his mini-me. And once again, I was wrong! Note to self and others: when asking what I think a baby's gender will be know that it'll always be the opposite of what I guess. I've never been right, not even once.

We immediately checked the gender reveal picture just to be sure. Because, you know, we're ultrasound technicians and know exactly what we're looking for.

The cake ended up tasting better than we had thought it would and the pop of blue made it that much better!

Seriously, gender reveal parties are the best! I loved every moment spending it with my friends and eagerly waiting to see what color was inside that cake. How blessed that little boy is to have such wonderful and God-fearing parents in Stephen and Heather and a sweet and loving big sister in Kiah! Now the next reveal will be when we get to finally meet the little guy--I can't wait! Here's to great friends, a new baby boy, and being a great big sister!

"You mean I have to share my mommy and daddy now?" 

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  1. Aw so cute! And that last picture is just priceless. Haha.