My New Little Gadget

Sorry about March. Apparently it came and went without one single post. My thoughts have escaped me. Eh, let's really be honest, I've been too exhausted to sit down and write a post after chasing around an 18 month old whose life mission is to keep her Mama on her toes (i.e. taking a bite out of a fridge magnet and diving head first into a pool--no fear, I tell ya!). But now that March has come and gone and April and spring are officially here, I've decided to finally sit down and write you a little something, something. It's not much but it lets you know about the exciting little gadget that has come into my life in the last two weeks.

I've finally entered the world of smart phones! My whole life is changing before my eyes with Instagram, Facebook, and GPS at my fingertips. Yay for not having to print out Mapquest directions before leaving the house! I'm able to take photos and video whenever I want without having to run and grab my camera before the moment is over or look like a photog wannabe as I try to get the best shot and fail miserably. Thank goodness for filters! (Click on that little Instagram icon to the right to follow me! @mrsjessjonesy)

My biggest fear, however, is that I'll always be on my phone. I really don't want that to become an issue. I want to be present no matter who I'm with. I don't want whoever I'm with to have to fight for my attention. I don't want my daughter to think my phone and I are a packaged deal. The phone cannot be my priority. I won't let it. I see the movie Wall-E coming to life. Eyes fixated on screens so much so the users can't see what's around them. It's really scary, actually.

Well now that this happy little post has turned depressing...here are a few Instagram photos that'll cheer us all back up:

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