To Cut or Not to Cut


I'm just not ready.

Anna's hair is getting so long, so thick, and so beautiful. I want her hair color on my head right now. The natural highlights are just gorgeous. But let's talk about those bangs...

The bangs that are constantly in her big, beautiful eyes, getting snot in them because they reach down past her nose, won't stay pinned back because little fingers like to pull out bows and hair ties that Mommy spends precious hours putting in (pshhh! yeah, right! More like 5 seconds, but feels like hours). The bangs that drive me nuts!

I'm just not ready to cut them because I don't want to have to keep cutting them and cutting them every time they get in her eyes. I just don't want bangs! (maybe I'm living vicariously through my daughter at this time in her life, eek!) So alas, here we are, in the in-between stage waiting for the bangs to be long enough to put behind her ears or until she's old enough to know we leave the bows in.

While I was scrolling through Pinterest during nap time (no, that's not the only thing I do during nap time! I really do other things. You know, wifely duties, but occasionally I'll scroll) I found this super cute way at Heart and Habit to keep toddlers bangs at bay. It's called "Little Girl (get this hair outta my eyes) Bang Braid". Perfect, right?! So I gave it a shot:


And that, ladies and gents, is my super sweet skill at braiding. It wasn't the recipient, it was totally the braid-er. She did a marvelous job of sitting still while I pulled and tugged at her very fine hair. I tried so very hard to be gentle. And I think I was, I just am horrible at braiding. I would say I need a LOT more practice, eh?

Any other suggestions for keeping little girl's hair out of her beautiful eyes (and snot!)?

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  1. I have the same battle with Emma. I part her hair then the side with more hair I do a small pony tail close to her for head so all her "bangs" will stay in then I section out another pony tail right behind the one I did and but the first pony in with the second. I hope that makes sense. You can kind of see I some of my IG pictures.