National Pancake Day

Most of our kids in the neighborhood have never had pancakes. It's just not something that is usually a part of their breakfast menu. They're accustomed to rice and hot chilies--I think I'd take the pancakes. So we thought tonight, being IHOP's free pancake night and all, would be the perfect opportunity for a few of our friends to give pancakes a whirl.

The Verdict: Pancakes were a hit!

Travis helped Daykulay decide which syrup to coat his pancakes. He chose old fashioned. Good choice, Daykulay, good choice!
And then there is Mooku, who decided all four flavors (old fashioned, strawberry, blueberry, and butter pecan) would taste the best. I beg to differ but she seemed to like them.
Did anyone else take advantage of this amazing deal?! 

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