And Baby Makes Three

I didn't think I was really pregnant. How could I? We'd only be trying for 2 months. So when I bought the test it was just to prove I really wasn't pregnant, ha! So many emotions were running through my head as I bought the test and took it home. But again, I didn't really think I was pregnant. Travis was home and I told him I bought a test. "Should I go ahead and take it now?" "Why not?" He asked. So I did...let me pause here to state that we were still living with Jeremy and Caitlin. Caitlin was in her bedroom downstairs, we were right above her bedroom...those were the longest 3 minutes of my life! I didn't want to cheat and look before the 3 minutes were up so I stayed out of the bathroom while the test sat on the sink. After those treacherous 3 minutes I walked back into the bathroom and saw this:

Wait, I'm confused! Are there two lines? Why is that one faded? What does that mean?!!?!?! Travis and I just stared at it together and then looked at one another in shock and utter disbelief. Are we really pregnant?! After rereading the manual for the umpteenth time it told us that it doesn't matter if one line is faded, a line is a line and two definitely mean you're pregnant! As previously stated, Caitlin was in the room directly below us. We couldn't jump and shout like we wish we could so just imagine Travis and me yelling but whispering and quietly with soft feet jumping up and down! It was hilarious! Even though we tried to keep as quiet as we could, I'm still surprised that Caitlin did not hear a thing!

I know most women take all the tests right then but I decided to wait a whole week before I took my next one. And sure enough when I took it the following week the same two lines (one faded again) stared me in the face. And even though I took two tests and got positive results on both, the weeks leading up to my first appointment were filled with doubts and fears of not really being pregnant. I was feeling some symptoms (like bigger boobs and having to pee all the time) but I really didn't believe it could be true. There was even one morning I awoke to just total fear of losing the baby or not really being pregnant at all. I knew at that point I had to give it to the Lord. I couldn't carry this fear any longer. After praying that God would take control of this pregnancy (like He was already doing), prepare my heart to be a mother, and protect my child, I felt the Holy Spirit envelope me. It was the most amazing feeling! I knew from that moment on (and since then) I would and could give any fears and doubts to God. My first appointment confirmed I was pregnant (obviously!) and it was like being told I was pregnant all over again. Travis and I had so much joy we just laughed out loud; I think the nurse thought we were a little crazy but I didn't care...you just told me I'm going to have a baby! How do you want me to respond?! 

THEN, we saw the baby on the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. The most beautiful sight and sound I have ever heard in my entire life! If ever I needed confirmation I received it right at that moment! Praise God for the little miracle He has placed inside of me! The doubts and fears have left and the only thing that remains is love for the Lord and for this child!

Travis calls Juice Drop a salamander at this point :)
The yellow cross is the "crown" and the green cross is the "rump"


  1. I think for me, seeing that first ultrasound was the most amazing experience of my life. i just sat there shaking.

    so funny that you had to celebrate in quiet!!!

    1. It was the most amazing experience of our lives too! besides Anna actually entering into the world-that tops all ultrasounds! :)