Bubble Gum and Friends

What could be better?

Warning: Alliteration might just get your tongue in this post! Sorry I'm not sorry.

The other night our friends (who are also our next door neighbors) came knocking on the door. We hadn't seen Mooku and her brothers for the longest time so we were beyond the moon when they came bursting into our living room.

"I have a research project to do and it's due on Monday and I haven't started." Mooku said. This was Friday.

"Whelp...let's hop to it then!" I started thinking back on the research project I did in 5th grade...How is paper made? Really? Why? Who cares?! Apparently I did. I was thankful Mooku's project was a lot easier and way cooler.

Which bubble gum blows the biggest bubble? This was going to be fun!

The next day we set out to find the best bubble gum. We got our hands on Bubblicious (watermelon flavored, i.e. the best!), Hubba Bubba (Dr. Pepper flavored, actually not bad lol), Double Bubble, and Super Bubble. Let me just say when looking for the best bubble gum head to your nearest gas station; grocery stores and pharmacies don't carry the good kind for some reason. We learned that the hard way.

After Mooku hypothesized that Double Bubble would blow the biggest bubble we set off blowing, all five of us!

I was for sure that either Hubba Bubba or Bubblicious was going to win this contest, however, Double Bubble was the last to blow and blew us all away! (pun intended, hee hee :) 

Way to go, Mooku! You hypothesized correctly! Awesome face, by the way.

We couldn't end the evening without a little play time with Miss Anna! She was pretty bummed she couldn't participate in the blowing of bubbles, however, she could blow enough spit bubbles that would outdo any bubble gum bubbles!
 Anna loves Mooku!

Mooku made a little bed for Anna. How sweet!

 Mooku and Anna were hiding under the covers. Just presh!
We love our friends!
Mooku's wearing one of Travis' ear plugs he bought for the plane ride. Cracks me up!

Gosh darn it, I love these guys!

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