mornings with my tiny dancer

While routine isn't a term we use a lot around here we have found one that I'm cherishing more and more everyday. Around 6 am Anna begins to cry in her crib calling out in hunger. I stumble out of bed prepping myself for her morning meal. I bring her to bed with us and allow her to nurse as we all fall back to sleep. Soon after I feel tiny fingers swipe my cheek, the sun shining through our curtain-less window and know that my time of slumber has to end. Anna is at her most cheerful state in the morning and I love it! While I'm a night owl rather than an early bird, those smiles, coos, and leg kicks perk me right up.
Dermatologist check up for Travis today. Please say a little prayer for him. Much obliged. 


  1. Oh, she's beautiful! I loved the nursing cuddles with my babies!


    1. Thanks, Bobi! Nursing cuddles are the best :)