Girl Power!

Thursday nights have just gotten an upgrade! 

I decided about a month ago to have a night where the girls in our neighborhood could come and hang out in our apartment, just us, no boys allowed! There are so many girls in our neighborhood and I had been getting a lot of knocks on the door asking to hang out--girls I hadn't even met yet were coming to my door, how cool is that?! I prayed about it for a couple of weeks and after listening to a good friend explain why she started a girls' night in her neighborhood I knew the Lord was answering me with a resounding "DO IT!" She told me that she wanted to provide a specific time and place where the girls in her neighborhood knew they could come and hang out without being told "not today, not now, maybe another time". With all the girls that had been showing up at my doorstep I knew I needed to provide the same thing. Now it was time to see if the girls actually wanted to do it. I asked a few of the girls I've gotten close to if they'd be interested in a girls night. I should've known the reaction was going to be positive because when I asked they screamed and yelled "YES!" And every day leading up to the first girls night I was asked "When's girls night again? What are we doing? Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!" 

The first night was amazing. I loved having the girls in my home, watching a movie, eating popcorn, and getting to know one another better. Last week was really special because my sister, Emily was in town for her spring break and was able to participate in girls night. We baked cookies and painted our nails. It was a blast! 

I'm so excited for what girls night will bring. I really believe God placed this specific gathering on my heart for a reason even if it's just to love these girls and to provide a fun place for them each Thursday night. So don't be surprised if you stop by Forest Hills on a given Thursday and hear giggling and laughter and smell the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies coming from apartment A--it'll just be us girls having a great time!

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