Today is a Good Day

a VERY good day!

Four Reasons why today is so good:

1. We found our pediatrician! This has been a long and arduous process. Usually I wouldn't think twice about calling a doctor, but this is different. This is for our daughter and of course we want the best care we can find. I knew as soon as I heard the friendly voice of the receptionist on the other end we had made the best choice. She walked me through what I need to do when our baby girl arrives and encouraged me that the pediatricians at the practice were great. Plus, her birthday is on Juice Drop's due date (Sept. 19th!) so it's destiny, right?! :)

2. We bought life insurance! Another long and arduous process. We had been to our insurance agency three times before we finally decided which plan to go with and today we made the decision and it feels so good to be done with such a morbid but necessary process. I even started tearing up in the office thinking about if, God forbid, anything should happen to us who the beneficiary would be to take care of our daughter. I had to laugh to keep myself from really breaking down!

3. I finished making leg warmers for Juice Drop! I bought socks to turn into leg warmers way back in April when I found out she is a girl and finally got around to finishing that project today. Now her chubby little legs will be nice and warm this fall and winter :) I found the tutorial on how to make these cute little things here.

Not sure why this is so dark, but you get the gist--women's knee high socks
Complete! How cute are these? Ahhh, I can't way to see her in them! :)

4. Today begins Travis's birthday weekend! Lucky duck, he gets all weekend because, well, because he's so special and his birthday happens to fall on a holiday this year (Labor Day). Plus it's the last birthday where it's just him and me so we have to make the most of it! On the agenda for the birthday boy: movie tonight, The Ohio State Buckeye game tomorrow at Strike City, the Buckeye bar of Charlotte where you feel like you're back in Columbus (great feeling!), dinner out on Sunday, and a Labor Day cookout with great friends on Monday. What more could a guy ask for?!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and eat a hot dog or two for me! :)

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