the day we've been waiting for!

This is it! Today is the day! The day we've been waiting for! 

No, we haven't gone into labor just yet...

Today we embark on a long journey, a journey filled with hourly stops for bathroom breaks, walks to avoid swelling, and drinking 5 gallons of water to stay hydrated. All for my dear, dear friend Lindsey Marler, who will be getting married to the wonderful Matt Runda on Saturday! 

Feel special, Linds, because you're one of the only people I'd travel 10 hours for! 

I will proudly don a beautiful purple maternity bridesmaids dress, waddle down the aisle, and sit on my tush, legs up, during the reception while one of my best friends marries the man of her dreams. 

I cannot wait! I know this weekend it going to be an absolute blast...as long as Juice Drop stays right where she is!

You see my necklace? Yeah, that's my engagement/wedding ring; still kind of bitter it's around my neck and not on my finger :(

How far along? 34 Weeks
Total weight gain: 28 lbs
Maternity clothes? Most of the time. 
Stretch marks? Nope 
Sleep: This week has been surprisingly better. I'm still waking up every few hours to pee but I'm getting more comfortable with my array of pillows :)
Best moment this week: hearing my sister Stef's voice who I haven't heard in almost 2 months! Even though it was a very brief conversation, her voice brought so much joy to my heart. 
Miss Anything? Being able to sit up without having to turn to my side to do so. I look ridiculous and Travis enjoys my struggle, not nice, hubby!
Movement: Morning, noon, and night! Hiccups at least twice a day :) 
Food cravings: Nada
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Gender: GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are getting stronger.
Symptoms: Back and rib pain, Braxton Hicks, peeing ALL THE TIME (even when hardly anything comes out!), shortness of breath, memory lapse, clumsiness, swollen fingers and toes (this heat is redonkulous!)
Belly Button in or out? Outie!
Wedding rings on or off? The ring has officially come off...very, very sad :( 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Unless I'm outside or hungry lol
Looking forward to: Lindsey and Matt's wedding!! and seeing friends in Indiana :)

P.S. You see my husband at the top of this page? Yeah, he's a stud! ;)

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