As of Late...

The reason why I've only been posting weekly updates as of late is because all that is on my mind is this BABY! She takes up all my thoughts, all my doings, all my prayers, and I don't want to bore you with all of that. So instead I'll just post some pics of our happenings and as of late--and no, they're not all about Juice Drop...if they were, then I'd really need to get a life!

urban eagles camp.

ten hour road trip for a dear friend.
Mexican corn on the cob.
pregnancy perks.
what if I joined the Avengers? awesome.

mini golf.
best friends.
big brush.

Juice Drop's first (and better be only!) vandalism.
best friends.
bride and bridesmaid.

third baby shower.
preteen ministry days.
fishing partners.
bros and sistas.
food baby and real baby.

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