Oh, for the Love!

This Morning:
As I sit here in my living room full of everything that was in our downstairs closet just 15 hours ago I'm overwhelmed and ready to just throw it all away. I mean, this stuff has been in a closest for the past 6 months, how much do we really need it all?

15 Hours Prior
There was only an hour and a half to go before we began our first birthing class and I was headed to the kitchen to make dinner. As I walked on the linoleum meeting up with our front door I noticed a wet spot--lazy me walked right on past thinking Travis must have spilled a little water when he brought my cup up to me earlier. Then Travis followed my same path and actually asked, why is the floor wet? All I can think of is this scene from Christmas Vacation:

We followed the trail of water and realized after pushing our couch away from the wall, an area of about 5' x 4' of carpet was soaked! Travis stomped his foot on the wet carpet and water splashed up! Where had all this water come from?! The wall met up with our ginormous living room closet so we opened our closet door to pull out blankets, a basket of scarves and gloves, cardboard boxes full of DVDs and Travis' tools, a tent, sleeping bags, and a few other items all soaked. We finally saw where the water had come from: our A/C unit!

Now remember, dinner is already cooking...and while I'm having to tend to that and pull things out of the closet to dry the flooded closet floor, Travis is gathering towels from all over the house to dry up where the water had come up through the carpet in the living room. Maintenance quickly came over (they are awesome!) and fixed our a/c (apparently it was clogged because of how hot it got yesterday and the clog caused a leak).

At this point we had 10 minutes to scarf our cold dinner down and try to get up as much water as we could until we left for our birthing class (I was NOT going to miss that class! Nothing could stand in my way!) After 10 minutes we were on our way, happy as clams to get out of our disarrayed living room and on to learn how to deliver Juice Drop!

The birthing class was amazing! I had forgotten all about what had just taken place at home. I had so much joy and love in my heart for my baby girl there was no room for me to think about our flooded living room. We learned so many great things from relaxation and breathing techniques for labor to remembering throughout the whole process this is all about her. I felt so much peace walking away that I felt like I could do this labor thing right then and there, C'mon, let's GO! 

While we did have a major mess to deal with when we got home, we laughed at how well we handled the whole situation. We didn't get stressed, we didn't get upset at one another, I didn't cry (lol). Maybe it had to do with the fact that nothing of real importance got damaged (in fact, nothing got damaged!) or maybe it had to do with the fact that following our little flooding escapade we were able to think about nothing but our baby girl and dreaming about the day when get to finally meet her. I'm going to go with the latter on this one :)

DiSaRrAy! You can see where we've set up our heater to dry up where the water had come under the wall and into our living room. We are so close to having it all dry. All that's left is reorganizing our closet, which is something we've been wanting to do! 

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