7 Years

July 2, 2005...

What do pizza, a chicken nugget kiss, Funfetti cake, and a really small budget all have in common? No, this isn't your typical joke. They were all present at our wedding 7 years ago...

...Of course that day was a pretty big blur, not just because it was my wedding day and most brides forget what happened on their wedding day, but because it was so long ago! 

What I do remember though was beautiful. It was a day that was stress and anxiety free for me, everything fell into place exactly as planned, the ceremony was breathtaking, and the reception was a blast! And most importantly, at the end of the day I married my best friend.

Oh, and I also remember...

-My lunch was a slice of pizza. 

-I was so hungry before I walked down the aisle that I had a couple of chicken nuggets--hence the chicken nugget kiss...Travis later told me I smelled like chicken nuggets when he went in for the kiss! How's that for a first kiss with your bride?!

Chicken Nugget Breath!

-Our centerpieces for each table consisted of a small Funfetti cake--our favorite flavor!

-Only spending $1500 on our entire wedding! How did we do that?, you ask. Everything was pretty much free, DIY, or gifts from family and friends. The church and reception were free! Our photographer and DJ were free (Travis' uncles)! My girls' and my flowers were artificial! We did our own decorating! We baked our Funfetti cakes! Oh, and my wedding dress was $150 :)

All in all, it was the best day of my life...cliche, I know ;)

Fast forward 7 years to July 2, 2012...

Our day looks a lot the same. While the activities may vary just a tad, we're spending most of our day away from each other, anxiously looking forward to this evening when we'll be together again. This bride is ready to see her groom! bow chicka bow bow! :)

Happy Anniversary to the Man of my Dreams!


  1. Aw this is so sweet! Aren't you so glad you didn't take out loans for your wedding like some people end up doing?? Yikes. Looks like a perfect day! Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. Yes, so happy! And thank you, it was a perfect day :)

  2. I discovered your blog through Pinterest...love that darn site!! You are adorable! Congrats on your first baby!! Cant wait to see how the blogs will change once she comes :)

    1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing how my blog changes too! :)