I Don't Wanna Miss a Thang

So, you know how I told you that my new favorite past-time is lying on my side and feeling Juice Drop move all around?

Oh, it still is but she is so distracting! 

She's not just moving during certain times of the day anymore, it's like constant movement all day long. My hands won't leave my belly even for a second because I love the feeling of her foot poking out or a roll across my belly or a hiccup or the occasional feeling of a bomb going off.

It's seriously the most amazing feeling EVER!

I thought of this song the other day and it's perfect for what I'm experiencing. I can't get it out of my head!

Side Note: I must admit Steven Tyler is a little scary.

I can only imagine how much more this song will come true once she's here and in my arms!

That girl has stolen my heart in a big way.

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