Ruffles and Bows (Gender Reveal Party)

Juice Drop is a GIRL!!! 

What a total shocker! We could've sworn (even though I don't swear lol) that we were having a boy! You even heard me say it so many times! So much for motherly instincts, haha!

Travis and I didn't care either way what we were having. A boy would've been a joy :) but now that we know we're having a girl, well, it just kinda knocks our socks off! What a blessing this little girl already is to Travis and me. We love her so much, and now that we know that she is a she, I feel the bond between us three tightening that much more.

We could have found out that we are having a girl at our ultrasound last Thursday but we decided to wait until our party on Saturday--and I'm so glad we did! It made finding out so special knowing our close friends and family were with us sharing in our joy. I already know that our baby girl is going to be loved so much by so many!

Our gender reveal party was quite the event. With over 30 people in our small living room the anticipation was making everyone giddy. Not everything went off without a hitch though--how could it when you have technology involved? Our guests were on pins and needles waiting for the cue to take a bite out of that cupcake and for us to cut into our cake, however, the Skype connection for Travis' mom was failing. We couldn't leave Grandma out of the big reveal! Finally, after a half hour, she was able to get it working and we were ready to go! But as Travis and I took that knife to the cake one of our friends who was Skyping in Uncle Troy and Aunt Carly (Travis' brother and sister-in-law), the connection was lost! It took a couple of seconds to get them back, and with my heart racing, we were all (including those Skyping in) finally ready to see what color was inside that cake!

Our lovely baker, Angel (Travis' cousin's wife) baked Travis and me a cake and everyone else had their own cupcake. Inside was pink filling to reveal that we're having a little girl! Guest picked a cupcake based on what they thought we were having. We had the ultrasound technician put the pictures that revealed she's a girl in a sealed envelope and we took the envelope to Angel, so we had no idea until we cut into that cake!

Almost time!!! 
Living room full of family and friends

Just had to get Jones Soda!
Juice Drop's name written out and ultrasound pictures for guests to see :)
Guests voted for either girl or boy.
Looks like everyone else thought Juice Drop was a boy too!
Little Jaxon, Abby, Angela, and baby Makai were all banking on blue

Travis trying to get a hold of his mom on Skype!
Time to pass out the cupcakes!
Jeremy just couldn't handle the excitement!
He bit in before it was time, haha!



It's PINK!!!

Oh, the joy I felt at that moment could not be contained! I kept envisioning blue inside that cake but when I saw pink I was elated, ecstatic, and brought to tears. By the way, you can actually see Uncle Troy's expression too!!

 Celebration all around!

Angela and Abby chose wrong while Heather got it right!
I was rooting for both with my pink shirt and blue vest :)
Baby girls for these two ladies :)

Ruffles and Bows...Here we come! 


  1. SO much fun :) and SO exciting for you guys!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks, Hillary!! We had a blast finding out this way! Now I can really look at girly things on pinterest and find fun things for her to wear--I always love looking at the girly stuff you pin on there :)

  3. Hi Jessica, I came across your post on Pinterest and then came to your blog. First let me say congratulations! Having a baby is the biggest blessing EVER! :) I was telling my boyfriend how I stumbled upon your blog from another website and he told me I was weird for following a blog of someone I don't even know. (I disagree!) When you posted that you were doing a gender reveal party I was so excited to find out what you were having too! (Ok, MAYBE I am weird after all.) Either way, the gender reveal party is honestly one of the cutest things I have EVER seen! Congratulations on your baby girl! :)

  4. Thank you so much! I don't think you're weird at all (I follow people's blogs I don't know all the time haha!) I'm just glad you said something because I never know who actually follows considering I only have 9 "followers" posted lol.. thanks again for the warm wishes and for posting :)

  5. Love this idea of a cake reveal party! Just came across your site and really blessed by what you and your hubby do-- blessings! :)

  6. Thanks, Suzie! It was so much fun and I'm so glad we were able to share our joy with our friends and family. Thanks for stopping by :)