A Lizard Tale

I never realized lizards run rampant here in Charlotte like they do in Florida! The lizard Daikulay caught the other day was beautiful. He was a perfect green and had black around his eyes that Daikulay said was make-up haha! Daikulay loved that little guy. He played with him for hours. We were for sure he was going to end up killing him but sure enough by sundown Daikulay came banging on our door to tell us that his lizard was asleep. "No, buddy, I think he's dead," Travis tried to explain gently. "No, he's sleeping!" Daikulay said back. And all of a sudden, the lizard started breathing again! How in the world had that thing been dropped so many times, closed tight in a pink box, handled by a 5 year old for 3 hours and not have died!? It's still a mystery to me! 

The best part of the evening was when Daikulay came to tell me he'd lost his lizard. He said the last place he had it was on his head-ok, hilarious! So I jokingly suggested that he may be lost in his hair. He started searching right around where he was and feeling his hair. As he turned his back towards me I caught a glimpse of green and saw the lizard resting nicely on his left shoulder! I started dying! "Daikulay, he's on your shoulder!" Well, poor Daikulay doesn't know what a shoulder is so he started feeling his back until I pointed to my own shoulder and then he realized what I meant. He was so happy to find his new friend, and with a smile walked off with the lizard back up on his head.

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