Dear Poison Ivy...a letter from Juice Drop

Dear Poison Ivy,

Please go away. You're making my Mommy itch all over and it's not very nice. She's really sorry she trampled through your plant on her hike the other day but it was only because she really had to pee (it's kind of my fault since I have to make her go pee all the time now). Her legs, her arm, and her face are now being taken over by your blisters and because of me there's not really anything she can take to make you go away. She didn't sleep very well last night and now she's having to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts in 80 degree weather so she isn't tempted to itch. If you could be so kind and leave on your own without spreading anywhere else on my Mommy's body that would be wonderful. I wish she could be like my Daddy and not be allergic to you, but alas, she is and now she's suffering through the pain. Thank you for your consideration.

Juice Drop

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