This Week in the 'Hoods

This week has been awesome! We visited Grier Heights on Tuesday where we ate dinner, had bible study, and soccer practice. Get this: one of our volunteers called Chipotle Mexican Grill and told them she needed 45 burritos for dinner that night and of course expecting to pay full price. Instead Chipotle was so excited for what she was buying them for they gave all 45 burritos to her at no charge! I knew that place was AWESOME! Wednesday we had bible study in Birchcroft. Travis and Cody (who is Urban Eagles training from Chicago) led worship. The kids were loving it, they were dancing, running, and singing during Marvelous Light!
We are just so blessed to be able to call this our job! How many people can actually say they enjoy what they do for a living? We can't thank God enough for where He has brought us and the path He chose to get us where we are! We also can't forget those who are praying for us and are supporting us every step of the way! You are bringing God's Kingdom to Charlotte and bringing God's love to those who desperately need Him!

P.S. Travis will share his awesome trip to Trinidad soon! I know you all are dying to hear how it went! :)

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