Not the least bit jealous!

I always told Travis that he was never to go on a missions trip without me. Not necessarily because I'd miss him, mainly because I don't want to miss out. I would tell him that I'd be so jealous. I want to explore and see the world with my husband, doing ministry together outside of the USA. And within the first month of us being here who gets the call that he's heading back to Trinidad? Not me! But what was this feeling inside of me? It wasn't jealousy, it wasn't resentment, it wasn't even sadness...I was happy, excited, and not the least bit envious! From the picture above you might be thinking, "What a jerk, he doesn't take Jess with him to this amazing paradise!?" And as I gaze at this picture while typing I'm beginning to think the same thing...haha, j/k! But in all seriousness, Travis, along with 5 other men aren't going to beach it up all week, they are going to be an encouragement and support system for the Kingdom work that is already being done in the orphanages and on soccer teams. They will team up with Coach Allister, who has a heart for kids without parents, to coach and minister letting these kids know that while they may not have earthly parents anymore, their Heavenly Father loves them and cares for them. While Travis is still on the plane as I type I'm reminded of the week we spent in the summer of '09 meeting these beautiful children who crave physical touch and someone telling them how much they are loved. I miss those kids so much! I miss holding their hands, having them sit on my lap, laughing and making jewelry together, telling them Jesus loves them, singing songs about our Heavenly Father. Ok, so maybe I am a little envious that Travis gets to see some of the kids we met a few years back but knowing God will be glorified every step of the way brings so much joy to my heart. Yeah, I cried a bit when I dropped him off this morning, and yeah, I'll miss him like crazy, but this experience will be life changing and I would never want to take that away from him just because I didn't get to go. I've posted some of my favorite pictures below of the beautiful children of Trinidad. More to come in about a week :)

rainy days do not keep these
kids inside! "god made" slide :)


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