It's Another Boy!

Poor, sweet Anna. We opened the pizza box together, and before our eyes, the ultrasound photo taped to the inside lid revealed what we had been waiting to find out for weeks.

"It's a boy!" Travis and I shouted together. 

Then Anna's little voice cried out: "But I don't want another brother!" I immediately looked down and saw her face drop and the tears begin to well in her eyes. My heart so full of joy broke a tiny bit for my first born who so desperately wanted a sister. It was as if she never wanted anything more in her life. Her own baby sister to hold and nurture and dress up in the sweetest little girl clothes. A sister to begin her huge family of sisters just like little orphan Annie--her ultimate dream. I hugged her and kissed her and told her what an amazing big sister she is to her little brother and will be to her new baby brother. I thought of all the things I could tell her to convince her that it's ok she's the only girl (for now). You'll get to have your own room someday. You'll be mommy and daddy's favorite girl. You'll get to keep all your dolls to yourself. 


The little girl who plays so well by herself will continue to get to play by herself while her younger brother who craves being around others will have a little playmate. Everybody wins. 

When we ask her now, a few weeks after the reveal, what she thinks about having another brother she says she still wishes he was a girl. I get it. It takes time. But I'm confident once she sees this sweet baby boy and gets to hold him for herself, she'll be smitten and won't want to put him down. Fingers crossed!

How far along? 24 Weeks
How big is baby? The size of an atlantic puffin and over a foot tall. His lungs are developing significantly, and he's beginning to develop taste buds, so I hope he likes all the Christmas goodies I've been eating!
Total weight gain: 19 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes
Sleep: I'm getting used to not breathing through my nose which is making sleep more bearable. Travis has begun to lovingly refer to me as "mouth breather" so that's sweet of him. It's getting more difficult to change positions through the night but for the most part I can't complain--I'm not exhausted throughout the day. 
Best moment this week: we asked Theo what baby brother's name is and he repeated it for the first time! It's sweet that he really knows there is a baby in mommy's belly, and what's even sweeter is he knows his name. 
Miss Anything? sleeping on my stomach
Movement: feeling him more and more as he gets bigger and bigger!
Food cravings: sweet fruits and chocolate
Gender: BOY!
Symptoms: my hip flexors have been killing me if I sit or lay too long. I don't remember that feeling with the other two; peeing frequently, waddling like a penguin, occasional indigestion
Belly Button in or out? In between
Happy or Moody most of the time: generally happy but the flip can switch at any given time.
Looking forward to: watching more Christmas movies and sipping hot cocoa snuggled on the couch with my loves. 



  1. You have such a neat bed. Do you make it right before you take these selfies? ;)

    1. You make me laugh, Maria! 😂 I actually try to make our bed every morning--it makes our room look less messy, ha! So it is usually made when I'm taking my selfie, but I do have to move all the stuff that's in the mirror's view most of the time 😜