These are a few of my favorite things

1. Anna crawling into bed with us when Theo is crying in the middle of the night. My BK (Before Kids) self would always say "I'll never let my kids sleep with us!" Now I love middle of the night cuddle sessions. Except when they turn into me getting a foot to the face. Then homegirl can march herself right back into her bedroom with her crying brother.

2. Anna's creativeness. It's beautiful to witness. From making up her dolls' names--Tuti, Peiver, Hever, Pah, and sometimes they are just sounds; to how she dresses. We're already experiencing push back when it comes to clothes and she's only 2! It's either dresses all the time or mismatched tops and bottoms (when I say bottoms I mean pants, never shorts, even when it's 100 degrees) and maybe with an added tutu. She's also named her dresses. The big pink frou frou one is her "Anna dress" (like from Frozen, "Ah-na") and her African one from Aunt Stef is her "Merida dress" (the movie Brave). I'm learning it's not the worth battle especially when I want her to be able to express herself. But if the mismatching continues much longer I may have to hang a sign around her neck that says "I dressed myself".

Princess "Ah-na" eating a donut. Naturally.

3. Almond milk. Who knew?! We recently discovered Theo may (but most definitely) have an allergy to dairy so I've had to eliminate it from my diet. Sad day. Until I tried almond milk. I may not go back to cow's milk after I'm done nursing. Except when it comes to ice cream. I'll always go back to ice cream--and the real kind, not soy or coconut milk.

4. Anna quotes: "Mommy, I want to wear your boobs." (aka my bra) "Cause it happens" (after pooping in her underwear) "Oopsie-DAN-sy" (instead of oopsie-daisy) "Cinder-Aura" (mix between Cinderella and Aurora), "foop-pops" (flip-flops), "ers that?" (what's that or who's that or where's that or when's that? It's all one in the same) and the kicker: "Mommy, you're beautiful!"

5. Theo's long bangs that curl up when wet (most likely from sweat since it's been 500 degrees here in the south).

6. My little music man. Whenever Theo hears music he starts bouncing and even hums along. I was singing him his lullaby just the other day and he started humming. Super sweet.

7. My little dancing queen. It's always "shut up and dance wif me!" Not really but might as well be. At a recent wedding we couldn't get Anna off the dance floor. It was 11 o'clock, the bride and groom had left, and Anna was still dancing! We eventually left with her kicking and screaming.

 Dancing Queen in her Merida dress.

8. Their already amazing friendship. I love seeing how much they love each other. I only pray it continues as they grow. I wish you could hear the laughter going on as I took this pic. My heart was a puddle on the car floor.

9. Our little neighbors who come over almost daily to share with us their findings in the creek. Turtles, snakes, and crawdads/crayfish/whathaveyou.

Notice the tutu and this is one of her favorite shirts, usually paired with fuchsia pants and hot pink flip-flops.

9. Theo's bottom tooth popping through. It's the cutest little tooth that I ever did see. I wish I could take a picture of it but he just won't sit still long enough. Rude.

10. And this man right here. Can't get enough of my baby daddy ;)